Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Updates

Weekly Updated became a regular thing for Sister Burgess for a number of reasons in particular so she wasn't typing the same thing to everyone who was writing to her (which she is grateful for)

The updates started off frequent but eventually slowed down so I will keep posting these as they come through.

from:Neon Burgess
to:Too MANY to disclose LOL
date:Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 8:04 AM
subject:WEEKLY UPDATE :)

oh wow I am so spiritual this morning huh? lol 


Hoping I find you all well this beautiful Monday morning :D 

This week has been pretty funky to say the least.
My companions decided to start visiting our Less Active families and invite ourselves over for FHE (lol) which we started last week - it was sooo beautiful 

We saw the Aini family - they are beautiful they prepared dinner and everything for us they bore their testimonies and thanked us for inviting the spirit & guess what they came to church on Sunday! 


Couldn't stop smiling when we saw them rock up :) 

& then on TUESDAY our first lesson with our investigator ROSETINA - we found her at the back of her house with all these kids and one of them poo'd all over herself so she was calling for the others to come take her to get washed. 

Meanwhile I just sit down next to her and my comps and our member present sit down on the other side. 

We are gone teaching her & I get up to tell her we'll see her later & everyones laughing at me and I'm like what? & they tell me I straight sat on that lil girls poo :/ OMG i was telling my comp to wipe it off & they just couldnt stop flipping laughing at me - the nervityyyyyyyyyyyy of them all LOL 

BUT anyways the investigator ended up washing my skirt while i stood there laughing. 

I dropped our member off and straight went to shower and chucked all my clothes away ain't nobody got time to wash that LOOOOOL! 

Something good out of it though is that everytime we see Rosetina now she is more then happy to study with us and she ALWAYS LAUGHS AT ME LOL 

I am happy to be laughed if she still wants to study with us haha! 

Anyways Rosetina is progressing well in lessons visited her yesterday for church but she was busy - she gave us a referral one of her sons wants to study with us so YAY we'll see him on Tuesday when we visit her :) 

No baptisms as yet but we've given baptism dates to 3 of our investigators last week so we just need to continue to work with them to get ready for their baptism interviews etc. 

Hmmmm.. oh so we have this investigator Charlene. haha she makes me laugh she crack up in lessons 
and we went to visit her last week and i saw her walking near the beach & so i stopped my car and walked out, and when she saw the car she straight stopped dropped and rolledddddddddd lol & I went to ask the kids where did she go and they said she went to TOWN hahahahaha

OMG these investigators are hilarious guys I cant even deal! 

Marshallese people have a hard time telling the truth so they just lie but omg it's so much easier to just tell us the truth lol but it's all good 

We always say 'indrein majol in" - that's life here in the Marshall Islands lol & its the truth. 

Friday night was scary - we had typhoon warnings & it was CRAZY windy and raining all day. the ocean on both sides of the islands was hitting the road and flooding so none of our investigators wanted to study & we weren't safe too so after trying everything we could to see people we decided to go back to the house and wait til it was over. 

We prayed together in our companionship & received a text msg from the bureau of weather thingy saying tomorrow will be worse :/ 

It was REALLY scary - and the area we are in has the MOST trees in all of the island so the next morning all these breadfruit trees, palm trees, rocks and sand were all over the roads and thankfully Saturday was a normal day :D 

We are safe and sound & all our investigators as well. 

Our Father is truly mindful of all his Children & hears & answers prayers :)

Saturday night my voice was gone so I was pretty much a member present in my lessons with our investigators hehe - was so funny but grateful for my companions and their help. 

& on Sunday we had a Relief Society Fireside, the turn out could have been better but I had been inspired to organise a missionary fireside for our investigators to strengthen the ward as well as the missionaries :) 

I've started talking to the missionaries in our ward & we'll try and aim for beginning of next month. 

I want to strengthen the work especially in this area Ajeltake! 

It's the biggest area in Majuro & we just barely turned from Branch to Ward a couple of weeks ago. 

I will continue to keep you all posted on how the fireside goes :) 

Today is first Monday of the month so we have combined P day with all the missionaries here in Majuro - we playing volley @ Long Island but knowing all the sisters we going to stay in the house and play haha - we are so outgoing 

Anyways I LOVE YOU GUYS and I miss each and every one of you! 

Cannot believe it's JULY already :0 
I'm pretty sure a Princess was born on this Month just can't remember who. LOL 

Hoping you all are keeping safe and praying for each of you daily! 

jab malotlot nan jar aolep iien 


Sister Burgess 

PS OMG how can I forget I almost had a heart attack this week 
I overtook on a curve - the police were 2 cars behind me and stopped me LOL (shuuuush eh) 

They were like do you know your not allowed to overtake on a curb - I was just like omg I didnt realise it was a curb :/ 

He asked me for my license and then he said i'm so sorry i'm going to have to give you a citation notice (i was like OMG what I have to go to court for overtaking :'() & then he was like you can get a lawyer from your church but just wait right here. 

OMGi must have looked so saaaad cause he went for ages and then came back and said 'aw we just going to give you a warning but dont do it again' hahahahaha

OMG guys my heart almost stopped lol 

& at district meeting on Wednesday our district leader Elder Fatu told us he got a citation for not presenting his license and had to go to court and was find 25 dollars HAHAHAHA

So these guys don't even give warnings 1 mistake straight to court lol 

I'm just grateful i'm a sister (lol) & I am blessed LOL! 

Nah seriously I never speed and overtake anymore - ain't nobody got time to appear in court! 

Anyways thats my story 
bar ij iakwe kom 


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