Monday, November 16, 2015

First Day in the Marshall Islands

I am in Marshall Islands YAY i have finally arrived!
Its been hella crazy at the moment but I LOVE IT!
So marshall islands to me feels like samoa x20 for the heat hahaha
Its funny cause me and my mum (first soa) we are serving in LONG ISLAND which is what i was dreaming about in MTC crazy that its my first area huh?
The work is hard though we walk back and forth to the airport EVERY DAY shes' new to the area and i am too so we completely white washed meaning we know nothing so we door knock everyone's house how about i am black azzzz right now ahahah no joke
First day i looked int he mirror i was like aw i'm ok nekminit black like the night HAHAHAHA
Yolo just means im working hard huh?
First day walking did it 3 times and i died it took us 4 hours!
The work is hard but the people are beautiful honestly i cannot get over how kind they are
Like even if they don't wanna REALLY learn they will still say Aaet or Emman (yes, good/ok) lol
So we have a couple of people that we are teaching my ward is small but hopefully it'll get big
My soa's name is Sister Tafili and shes from Tulaele funny thing is that sister faasalafa told her to watch our for me and nekminit shes training me so she was so excited...
She didnt know i was Samoan and its funny cause we all be speaking samoan/marshallese/broken english hahaha
its hilarious!
I have a couple of pics but i don't know how to upload them sorry so it'll probably just wait until next time or i'll try and get them to you!
so Mondays are our P days so YAYY!
Work is awesome but my soas are waiting we dont have too long over here and there is like heaps of samoan missionaries out here!
The other two sisters that stay with us in our apartment are Sister Moannang from Kiribati and Sister Notise also from Samoa
Anyways language is hard but i know ill get there. I'm still abit slow but i'm managing!
I miss and love you all and i did hear about Matthew I am so sad but I truly am praying for him and hope he is getting better or wakes up :(
Its too sad!
Please send my love to the familia!
I'm fasting this week so ill keep him in mind!
I miss mum and dad how are they? please also send them my love uce!
I miss and love you all xoxoxoxo
Until i write again
Sister Burgess xoxox

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