Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update

from:Neon Burgess
to:She never fails to include Darsha in her Weekly Updates
date:Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 10:05 AM


Hoping you are all well this wonderful Monday morning. 
The weather here is cloudy. Well maybe reaallly reaallly cloudy, like literally cannot see the sky. Usually you can see the lil islands when you drive but today you could not see anything! 

Hopefully the sun comes through later on when we play. Cause if not it's movie day LOL! (church movies of course hehe) 

Today we plan to do our laundry and then play here in town. Hopefully the elders don't change our plans, because they are more picky then the sisters. LOL 

This week was amazing! 
We had our 3 baptisms on Saturday & yesterday they were confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

They were so cute when they bore their testimonies.
It was a great atmosphere & our ward really came through and all came to support these beautiful kids enter the waters of baptism. 

Our mission president and his wife President Weir came too. 

The Stake President (there is only 1 stake in Marshall Islands) is in our ward so he was there and was so happy President came. 

The baptismal font is soooooooooo beautiful. I've never seen one like this one so I will definitely send you all a pic of it! 

Jortak (one of the boys who got baptized) he said to us on the way home. When he came out of the water he felt like he was in paradise! :'( We all got soo teary. He is only 11 years old! We told him to always remember that feeling! ahh 

One of my most memorable moments here (defs beats the dogs lol) 
We looooooooove those kids. 
We ended up having 4 baptisms on Saturday. I just love our ward. 

They are so supportive in everything we do. 

We the missionaries also organised ward games on Friday night and it was great. Majuro don't really do alot of things for their wards like activities to invite investigators, less actives etc. 

So we are really trying hard to move the work forward and help bring our brothers and sisters back to the fold. 

This week is our Missionary Musical Fireside. I cannot wait. We've been practicing alot. I'm so proud of the all the auxiliary leaders and their support. I will definitely send you guys pics of our choirs hehe. 

Yesturday my companion left us. Sister Arakandria. She finishes her mission in 4 weeks but President told her she was needed in Kiribati to help train as she is Kiribati. We miss her. So now its just me and my sister that I came from MTC with Sister crazy Mak haha 

She got a boil on her leg and yesterday at church she almost fainted so I received my Toretto strength and fast and furious'd our way to the church Nurse. 

When we got there she said all she needs to do is put is put a hot towel on it until it dies. (IT WAS MASSIVE UGHHH) 

But Sister Mak's face was like ugh is that all you hafto say?) so Sis Mak said to her 'can you do something for it now?' 

Sis Smith (the nurse) says ok, puts gloves on and grabs the BIGGEST NEEDLE I'VE SEEN and stabs her boil all the way down meanwhile I'M dying sitting on the other side of Mak. Sister Mak literally screaming her life away :O My life will never be the same after what i witnessed HAHAHA! 

My poor sister never wants to go back to Sis Smith. Sis Smith is 64 years old and she worked as a Nurse in the Army. So the whole time she was stabbing my companion she was telling her to not open her mouth buahahaha. 

Sis Mak is just screaming and yelling interesting words in her own language. hahaha 

After this all happened Mak couldn't even move so I was her rijerbal - slave lol. All the sisters in the mission came over and slept at our house to support Mak. There is only 6 sisters missionaries in Majuro now & instead of supporting my companion they ate all our food and drank my koko samoa. THE NERVE! LOL (playing i love them) 

President has officially told me that I will be training one of the new sisters coming in the next intake. So that is going to be interesting LOL I'll still be in the same area so I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited haha it'll be my 4th month in Ajeltake. 

Sister Mak will be returning to an outer ISLAND. :'( 

Alot of changes happening over here but, change is good! 

Missing home alot this week. Seeing families @ home, reminds me of you all. 

I love each and every one of you. Grateful for your constant love & support. 

This mission is definitely not easy, but it sure is worth it. 

Oh and before I leave you all, just want to share with you all that this Wednesday I will be going to court hahahahahahaha. 

On Friday I was stopped by cops for driving 30 in front of a funeral I should have been doing 15 zzzzzzzz

So yeah I received a citation to appear in court after my district meeting. My president laughed at me and I almost burnt the police station because they didn't pull us over @ the funeral they pulled us over literally 20 mins later. 

Inline image 1

One of the senior couples told us that the police are watching us after the crash that happened a few weeks ago. One of the elders crashed the church van and rolled. Thankfully him and his comp were safe. 

Anyways all the sisters including my companion will continue to mock me until I receive my verdict :( weeeeeeeeeh hahaha 

So depressing, but that's what I get for being too fast and furious haha. This is the 4th time I've been stopped so it was bound to happen 

YOLO - jks 
Sorry if I bored you all! 

Don't let the adversary get you down my brothers. 

Keep the FAITH & I promise you will see the blessings. 


until next time 
Sister Burgess 

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