Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekly Update 14/12/2015


Cannot believe it's almost CHRISTMAS my beautiful people!
Everyone must be getting excited! jealous I will miss out the festive season in my hood brisPAIN lol but you know I will be thinking of each and everyone of you!!


Last week Friday as me and my daughter were finishing off our rescue efforts in my area Ajeltake we receive a call from Assistants of the President advising that we will be moving to another area THAT DAY due to new senior missionaries coming in and other things...

So I have officially been relocated am and now working in my BIRTH PLACE in this mission LONG ISLAND hahahahahaha this is hilarious to me but I am thankful for the blessings that I have and know that this is the will of our Father.

I didn't know how much I was going to miss my area of 10 months. lol it's been AMAZING and we cried saying good bye to everyone. My hardest break was saying goodbye to our investigator Grace.

Grace on her baptism day
She got baptized Saturday gone and was confirmed a member and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday, when she found out we were leaving, she text'd me and my companion the longest text message of appreciation. She doesn't have any older siblings and Grace is one of the most shyest persons we've ever met. Very soft spoken but is sooo beautiful.

Imagine our surprise at her message explaining how much we've changed her life and that she's grateful for the opportunity she had to have older sisters which is what she's wanted her whole life.

She is one of the most purest souls I have ever met. Saturday gone as she bore her testimony she explained that when she was living in America she blamed our Heavenly Father for taking away her Grandmother. She then explained that it wasn't until after the sister's shared with her the plan of Salvation and the fact that she will one day be reunited with her grandmother again did she open her heart and mind to the restored gospel.

We were all crying with her our last baptism in Ajeltake.
It was beautiful and something that I will never forget.

Grace reminded me that, though sometimes we may blame our Father for things that happen in this life. We must always remember that we may only see things for the 'NOW' but HE always sees the whole picture, he has the whole plan. He knows everything! and gives us these things so that we can gain strength. That we may be able to develop and share LOVE, CHARITY, HUMILITY etc.

I'm so grateful for this gospel and I cannot wait to see, meet & witness the blessings in this my new area in Long Island :)

I hope that this Christmas season we may always remember the TRUE meaning of CHRISTMAS!
and that we may continue to share and follow in the footsteps of our Saviour!!!

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life" John 3:16

I LOVE YOU ALL with all my faku
From the Marshall Islands, Majuro mission
Sister Burgess xox


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No weekly update :(

I was too busy to email her during the day, so I sent her an email the night before... She responed which is almost as good as a weekly update... LOL I'll post it below... BUT BEFORE THAT... 

Tonight I met with Brother and Sister Salanoa at the Plaza who were so excited to share they received a photo from their missionary with our missionary... this is too exciting not to share as it's rare she ever sends pictures.  So right here is a picture of MMIM's new AP - Elder Salanoa and Ajeltake's longest serving missionary of 10 months bahaha Sister Burgess

from:Neon Burgess
to:Alice Burgess <>
date:Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 10:01 AM
subject:Re: Good Morning

HELLO USO  hope you got my other memes about congratulating you though I MISS AND LOVE YOU TO THE MOON N BACK MY GIRL! WOW to the babies how about they all look EXACTLY THE SAME WTFREAAAAAK please please send my love to Joyce, Alex and the monkey kids hahahaha its amazing! 

Ezri (top left), Eden (top right), Levi (bottm left) & new born Baby Noah (bottom right)

And is that baby Lennox? sooooo adorable my boy - who blessed him? Fai? so beautiful i miss the family!   

Baby Lennox Aiomanu Seve

XMAS is among us my dear!  which means spreading the love about CHRIST :)  usually we go hard celebrating this dance that happens every xmas where every ward performs dances n songs and yesterday at fasting Sunday our 1st counsellor stands up and talks about we should go visiting and helping our less actives come again unto Christ!  It was sooo beautiful!  Me and my daughter ended up bearing out testimonies and even our elders kendall and siale!    

I told them how its been like almost 10 months spent in their ward and they were gone laughing I think I am the longest running person! but YOLO just means i'm needed huh   

WOW to Lena please please please send my baby sister my HEART !  I miss and love her and i'm so so so proud of her :) EXCITING NEWS all around!   

Pualena and Mum @ her graduation today

Ok so as for my xmas present I would like the following things  

  1. ***
  2. ***
  3. ***
  4. An AUSTRALIAN shirt that has Aussie or Brisbane on it (dont ask lol)
  5. ***
  6. Oh and if you guys has my pea's please send them 
  7. I already asked Teria for makeup & photos of you guys (bahaha she's going to kill me for not *** this one LOL)
We're having secret santa here so im just gonna get something cheap n easy hahahaha!   Anyways the work is good i'm excited to hear how your work day was so as soon as you finish work EMAIL me I'll read it next week hahahaha? THANKS GEE!!!!!!!!!   Anyways again works good I MISS YOU... I got scratched by a cat **seriously, we had pizza on Tuesday night courtesy of our Tuvaluan mama SAULENGA shes the BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!   What are you guys doing for xmas usoooo?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekly Update 30/11/2015

My poor sister didn't get a chance to send her regular weekly updates to you all as she ran out of time, so here it is, its short but always good to hear from Sister Burgess. 

Have a fab week yall.. 
Ali :) 

from:Neon Burgess
to:Alice Burgess <>
date:Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 12:59 PM
subject:WEEKLY UPDATE (please send to everyone)
:Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

Morning ALL I am so sorry this is a short email as my companion and sisters are awaiting me
(lol mole magava's over here)

ANYWAYS just want to send my BIGGEST LOVE to each and everyone of you and hoping that this week brings nothing but LOVE AND JOY as we welcome in the last month of 2015!

Reflecting upon this month makes me feel so much love for my brothers and sisters here in the islands. They truly are beautiful souls.

I just want to share a small experience that happened to me last week :)

My first month here me and my mission mum found an investigator that not a lot of people had hope in. They said she was really makadkad - ka'as alot etc. and every time we had a lesson with her she'd always just disappear and not come back (lol)

Anyways once she continued to have lessons with us, come to church and started reading the BOM and praying about she got baptised 3 weeks later! My first convert I was so happy and proud of her efforts Christina is her name.

Most of you know I was only in my first area 1 month and half before I moved to my now current area. Since becoming a member Christina has been one of the most ACTIVE YSA members in the church & not only has she been active - she's referred almost 10+ now baptized friends and family members into the church in Long Island ward.

Her conversion story and her Faith has helped her through her struggling school and family life. She bore me her testimony yesterday when I saw her in Long Island and told me she has a desire to serve and do the Lords work :'(

I cried as I hugged my sister! She is such a beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father and cannot wait to keep you posted on her efforts!

I apologize for this email being so short but I hope and pray that this week brings you all so much love and joy!!! THANK YOU for your love and constant support my family and friends and pray for you all daily!!!


ij ba aolep men kein ilo Etan Jisos Kraist Amen

Jen Sister Burgess
With all my love xoxoxo

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekly Update 23/11/2015

How are you all my BEAUTIFUL SOULS! 

SORRY wasn't able to email you all last week, it was a public holiday here in Majuro. They were voting for Mayor and all these other things. 

All the missionaries didnt know what to do so we were ka'aing on the small roads of this island. 

So last week when I told you all I would be getting transferred, we found out that all the other sisters will be moving except me and my daughter hahahaha! 

AJELTAKE for life! lol 
Its so funny every single person in this mission mocks me about being in this area for as long as i have - even my president (oh no he didn't) - yes yall he did buahaha! 
salgood though I love my area. 
We have so many less actives we are working on though. And on Sunday about 7-8 of them came to church which was sooooooooooooo beautiful to witness. 

We also had 3 baptisms on Saturday Bethelyn, Alshow & Cindy! They all received the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesturday & they were sooo beautiful yesturday at church!!!! 

I love the recent converts. They strengthen me so much! 

Sad news though 

Yesterday a tragic event happened 
As my daughter (my companion) drove the car with Sis Moto's companion 
She had no idea that she sat and destroyed my last pair of glasses ;'( 

Yes I am officially blind now, and most likely will remain a passenger seat driver for the rest of my mission! 


The work is amazing, we had Zone Conference with our Mish President our AP's and the lil missionaries we have here in Majuro. 

It's so tiny now and we have more missionaries going home next week. 

Next month will officially be my 1 year mark here. 
I cannot believe how fast its gone. I remember too well my farewell and my 1st day in MTC. I remember having soooo many doubts and my first couple of weeks working with my mission mum. I remember thinking how I will NEVER get this language and how I though I'd never understand them when they speak

The journey has been so hard, frustrating, challenging and has pushed me sooooo much! yes even more then you ALICE! hahaha 

But I know that through it all I was able to end up where I am today! 
to be the person I am today - the Missionary & Disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Last night me and my companion visited with one of our investigators Nano. Shes AMAZING! 
we studied with her neighbours and after they were baptised SHE asked them if we could teach with her. 

She was SO SO shy, literally would only shake her head up and down. 
we've been studying with her for about 2 months now, and every single day she's opened up jidik kon jidik 
NOW shes sooo pookarar - big mouth LOL but last night she told us that she's been praying for her baptism date the 26th of December kept coming to her mind. She told us that that's the day she wants to get baptized!!! 

We were so over the moon, after she told us she kept saying that her heart was beating so fast and that she's really nervous! 

She's amazing. I loved seeing her journey and how she's progressed from when we first met her until now. 

I will be sure to keep you guys updated on her and some pics of her baptism! 

Nano also has a nephew Ethan OMG he is sooo beautiful! we're not allowed to hold babies or play with them but omg he always runs up to me and hugs my leg HAHAHAHA! 
i got pics of him so i'll try send some pics!! 

I wish I could explain it properly but my english is sooo jorrann (broken) 

The love I have for these people is endless! 
Though I struggle at times, I know that I can lean on our Savior. 

This is HIS work! 
ilukkun iakwe komian!! 

Thank you for all your love and support FAMILIA & FRIENDS! 

Honestly cannot believe its almost time up for me, but I know that these next couple of months I will be working hard until my last day.
Sorry this is really short! sending all my alofoaga to each and everyone of youz!!! 


Sister Burgess 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Tribute to my Sisters

Like a wound re-opening, as I was collating emails from Sister Burgess that I would share with the world wide web my heart ached and tears would not stop as I reached the month of May.  As my previous posts indicates a special soul was lost to this world while another soul mourned alone in the Marshall Islands. Although not alone as all our hearts and thoughts as was her Mission were with her at the time.

So this particular post is a tribute to their unbreakable friendship/sisterhood. 

These two have so much in common. They were only months apart in age, they did almost everything together, if one wasn't sleeping at the others house, they were out having a late night snack at Coffee Square (They would want me to tell you they were the originals of Coffee Square bahahaha) but this friendship goes way back to nappy days, well maybe Riverview Primary days all the way through to High School and continued throughout their Young Single Adults days.

Yes Darsha and Neon were in different grades, Neon being older they had their own friends from their age group but somehow always made it a point to get together and do things on their own.

Some familiar characteristics these two had...

Neon in our family is what you call "fealofai" she avoids doing any chores, when its spring cleaning weekend/weekend in general she is never home to do anything...

I know for a fact that Darsha was like this as Neon was always with Darsha during these times... #LAAAAUGHING

Neon has her own "slang" when speaking.

She thinks she is the princess of the family
She gets away with doing anything she wants
She thinks she is my dads pele

The list is endless but again these are things I know for a fact that Darsha claimed in her family...

Family Princess

Always got away with everything/anything (especially when with Neon)
Her dads Pele (no doubt)

Oh don't even get me started on the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of photos/selfies these 2 have. I have almost a whole TBHD of just their pictures...

Yeah they were not camera shy... LOL

There are so many more pictures, I just can't be bothered going through them all... LOL 

My most fondest moment and a moment I know Neon and our family will cherish is their final goodbye as Neon left for her mission. 

We love and miss your Darsha Lemafa

We love and miss you Sister N. Burgess

We look forward to our joyous reunions.

Weekly Update

from:Neon Burgess
date:Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 9:53 AM

HELLO my beautiful souls! 
Hows it going out there! 

Happy this morning because it's crazzzy hot outside but i'm inside emailing in the air con baby cheeehooo! LOL 

Hoping this email finds you all well and safe! 

THIS week gone has been busy week for me and my daughter! 
We were working in 2 areas for 2 days while we waited the arrival of our new sister training leader 
She's Samoan from NZ and she's pretty kick back! 

The work in both those areas is tough but I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with these sisters! 

The Spirit is TOO STRONG when we are all around each other and teaching together! 

I cannot even express enough THE LOVEEEE and happiness I feel 24/7 being out here! 

I know this joy is truly through this gospel. Through the love of our Father and through the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. 

We didn't have any baptisms but we have 2 this week which is amazing, preparing for our baptisms are always are struggle because our area is so massive and so we are driving back and forth from the opposite sides of the islands and getting things done. At the end of the day it is ALL WORTH IT! 

Just as our Saviour promises us, it may not be a easy road but he promises its WORTH IT! 

I can testify to the truthfulness of these things. 

There are soo many temptations and trials that these people face. The islands is definitely hard to live especially here in Majuro. 

I enjoy watching how this gospel helps, heals, nourishes, and provides them with constant and never failing love of Christ and his healing powers through his infinite atonement. 

Truly blessed to be hastening the work here in this vineyard. 

I hope and pray that even though at times we may be lost sheep, that we ALWAYS REMEMBER 'HE IS THERE' 

He will help us 
He will guide 
He will strengthen us 
If we but ask him!   

Ij jela ke men kein eaurok tata! 
ilukkun iakwe komi im elaptat Anij im Jisos Kraist 

In otherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr news! 

You will all be happy to hear I will be moving out of my 8 month area in December HAHAHA! 
I know I still have to continue to move the work in ajeltake 
I'm so excited to be moving to another. 

I may also be training another daughter and corrupting her so pray for her yall! JKS LOL 

Seriously miss you all and thankful i have such beautiful family and friends! 



Weekly Update - Feed My Sheep

from:Neon Burgess
date:Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 9:33 AM

Moktata Iakwe ro Jeiu im Jatu 

Apologies for the latest update, and apologies again if my english is totally wrong. 

I have the biggest broken english now its not even funny! Lol 

Hello my beautiful familia and friends! 
Hoping you are all well and keeping safe! 
I am missing each and everyone of you daily! 

My past week has been amazing and I thought to share a little bit on what happened. 

So as me and my companion were working in our area towards the end of the village (lo woja) we met this asian looking guy. We didn't think much of him and just continued on to our lesson. 

As we continued on NOTICED that this guy was following us, felt a lil creeped out so we turned around and started talking to him. turned out he's full Marshallese and he was a member baptized in 2012 but backslided 3 months after he was converted and has been lost ever since.

He asked if we could help him, re-teach him lessons and help him. 
What struck me the most was as we were talking to him he said he goes to school gets good grades comes home but just feels EMPTY! After our first lesson with him last week Tuesday he was crying saying he feels something so strong and he missed it. 

We told him he was feeling the power of the Holy Ghost and that he can have that feeling with him ALWAYS if he continues on the right path. Since Tuesday we've studied with him everyday, and yesterday I shared a lesson with him about 'Feed my Sheep' and shared a few scriptures with him. Afterwards he was said he wanted to sit down and focus on helping strengthening the less active YSA. 

Ramos is such a beautiful soul and just reminded me of myself. I remember going to church. Being there but NOT BEING THERE. 

His story reminded me of what helped me come back to church and it was a huge part of our missionaries at the time as well as my ward. 

I know that sometimes we may falter and backslide a little. But as we develop strong testimonies n hold steady to the iron rod we will be able to endure the trials of this life.

Ramos ended up coming to church by himself and is fully immersing himself back in and also wants to serve a mission one day :'( 

Additional - This past week we were also able to witness our seven beautiful souls (Wina, Naatali, Lee, Lafita, Helly, Nixon, Monyij) enter the waters of baptism and yesterday they all received The Gift of the Holy Ghost. 

To witness the blessing of them receiving the words of the Restored Gospel, praying about, exercising their faith to repentance through to baptism and the Holy Ghost is the BEST feeling in the world! 

Being an instrument in the Lords hands is the greatest work of all! 

I am truly grateful for my trials, my highs my lows, and everything else that comes with being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Being a Missionary. 

For if I did not experience the bad I wouldn't truly feel and comprehend the beauty n LOVE it feels when you accomplish the things I needed to. 

My beautiful sister Lala reminded recently of an experience I had in May and of my current AP Elder Openshaw. 

He lost his parents n his younger sister in a plane accident. After hearing continued his work in this mission. 

So strong was his Faith that even through trials it did not falter his willingness to 'GO AND DO THE WORK' 

I know that though we long to be with our loved ones ALOT (lol) 

This is where the Lord has called us & this is where we are needed. Trusting in the lords timing is something that I have come to accept and understand! 

So Transfers are this week and I am still in Ajeltake my 8th month here so its been pretty crazy hehe. I was thinking I was going to move but I guess the people of Ajeltake need me. My daughter's language is coming along great... 

SHE MUST have the best teacher in the world (thanks lol) 

It's crazy to think this month last year was the month I received my call. I'm grateful for the time that I've had to continue to do the work of the Lord. 

Grateful for you all my beautiful familia and friends 

Hoping you all got a chance to watch/hear or read general conference. We haven't received it yet here but I'm sure that we can all grow and apply the teachings of our Leaders in our lives. 

Thank you for all your examples to me and I LOVE EACH OF YOU with all my heart 

Ij iakwe komian 
im Anij Ippamian! 

jen Sister Burgess xoxooxo 

PS i have been a law abiding citizen with my car no fines or nothing! Thank you for praying for me HAHAHAHA

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update

from:Neon Burgess
date:Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 9:40 AM
subject:WEEKLY UPDATE :)

How are you all doing? 
Hoping you are all well and keeping safe! 
Today's is a beautiful day and grateful for the chance to email you all! 

THANK YOU for all your emails and constant love and prayers. 

I am definitely feeling loved and recognize the blessings in this service. 

This past week has been a awesome week! kinda amazing :) 
My recent converts The Jortak family we had FHE with them on Monday and felt the spirit so strong in their homes. 

Even though I was food poisoned (LOL YOLO) we received referrals from them and so since Monday we study with Tamara, Lafita & Lilly every day. 

They accepted the invitation to be baptized and even attended church. Golden investigators or what? 

I love them sooooo much. 

We also received a couple from the ward with referrals and have been teaching like crazy! 

This Saturday me and my new daughter/greenie/trainee will have 3 baptisms Myrtel, Donald & Alfred

I've been in this area now since April and for a while there I was always thinking why am I still here. LOL 
usually we get moved around alot so staying in one area more then 3-4 months is crazy. But seeing the change in these my brothers and sisters lives makes me understand why I am needed in this area :) 

So FINALLY after weeks and weeks of rescheduling we finally were able to do our Missionary Musical Fireside. 
2 of our sisters left yesterday morning so we were rushing around getting them all sorted to leave. 

Me and my current soa Sister Clark from Utah also had to attend 2 sacrament meetings my ward and her ward. My area is the end of the island and her's is opposite side so we did ALOT of driving yesterday. 

anyways when we came back to Ajeltake I did like 6 trips to pick up memebers, less actives and my investigators and the chapel was more fuller (is that a word? haha) then it usually is on SUNDAYS lol 

Super packed (and thats EXTREMELY rare for this small island) 
My ward mission leader conducted and we had all the missionaries in my district/zone come and sing. All the auxiliaries and it was just amazing :) It finished exactly on time and everyone enjoyed themselves 

I was soooooooooo touched from my investigators especially when they came up to me and said they really enjoyed the songs and the message. Bro my heart was like going to pop outta my chest with the support and love that every one showed. At the end of it our Stake president gathered all the missionaries together and congratulated us and asked if we could do it as a STAKE MISSIONARY MUSICAL FIRESIDE! they all looked at me and i smiled but when he left i was like heck no i ain't trying to organise a stake one! buahahah 

But i was really excited and glad he enjoyed it. 

Sunday was amazing 6 of our investigators attended church and we picked up none of them. so imagine my surprise as i'm shaking everyone's hand before sacrament and just get shocked seeing them all there. 

SERIOUSLY I just cannot express how much LOVE I have for these people. The blessings I witness every single day being out here just pushes me to continue to do the work. 

Every day is not easy but the reward is completely and truly worth every heart ache & trial that coms along with it. .

EVEN MY BISHOP loved the fireside y'all. 

For those who know a lil about our situation with Bishop know that he's a lil difficult to work with, but he came up to me last and thanked me. So I have forgiven him. Hahaha i'm kidding I love him...

I don't have any pictures to show I'm sooooooooooo sorrrrrrrrry! 

But sealing with this email my LOVE AND PRAYS with each and every one of you and your families. 

I hope this week finds you all witnessing the many blessings that are available as we continue to do good. 

with all my love from the Marshall's



PS the only time i asked my soa to drive me cause i wanted to eat in the passenger seat she almost killed me :(