Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No weekly update :(

I was too busy to email her during the day, so I sent her an email the night before... She responed which is almost as good as a weekly update... LOL I'll post it below... BUT BEFORE THAT... 

Tonight I met with Brother and Sister Salanoa at the Plaza who were so excited to share they received a photo from their missionary with our missionary... this is too exciting not to share as it's rare she ever sends pictures.  So right here is a picture of MMIM's new AP - Elder Salanoa and Ajeltake's longest serving missionary of 10 months bahaha Sister Burgess

from:Neon Burgess neon.burgess@myldsmail.net
to:Alice Burgess <aliburgess28@gmail.com>
date:Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 10:01 AM
subject:Re: Good Morning

HELLO USO  hope you got my other memes about congratulating you though I MISS AND LOVE YOU TO THE MOON N BACK MY GIRL! WOW to the babies how about they all look EXACTLY THE SAME WTFREAAAAAK please please send my love to Joyce, Alex and the monkey kids hahahaha its amazing! 

Ezri (top left), Eden (top right), Levi (bottm left) & new born Baby Noah (bottom right)

And is that baby Lennox? sooooo adorable my boy - who blessed him? Fai? so beautiful i miss the family!   

Baby Lennox Aiomanu Seve

XMAS is among us my dear!  which means spreading the love about CHRIST :)  usually we go hard celebrating this dance that happens every xmas where every ward performs dances n songs and yesterday at fasting Sunday our 1st counsellor stands up and talks about we should go visiting and helping our less actives come again unto Christ!  It was sooo beautiful!  Me and my daughter ended up bearing out testimonies and even our elders kendall and siale!    

I told them how its been like almost 10 months spent in their ward and they were gone laughing I think I am the longest running person! but YOLO just means i'm needed huh   

WOW to Lena please please please send my baby sister my HEART !  I miss and love her and i'm so so so proud of her :) EXCITING NEWS all around!   

Pualena and Mum @ her graduation today

Ok so as for my xmas present I would like the following things  

  1. ***
  2. ***
  3. ***
  4. An AUSTRALIAN shirt that has Aussie or Brisbane on it (dont ask lol)
  5. ***
  6. Oh and if you guys has my pea's please send them 
  7. I already asked Teria for makeup & photos of you guys (bahaha she's going to kill me for not *** this one LOL)
We're having secret santa here so im just gonna get something cheap n easy hahahaha!   Anyways the work is good i'm excited to hear how your work day was so as soon as you finish work EMAIL me I'll read it next week hahahaha? THANKS GEE!!!!!!!!!   Anyways again works good I MISS YOU... I got scratched by a cat **seriously, we had pizza on Tuesday night courtesy of our Tuvaluan mama SAULENGA shes the BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST!   What are you guys doing for xmas usoooo?

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