Monday, March 28, 2016

Double Update

Ok so before we get started... this is a double update received from Sister Burgess as she failed to "hit" send at the beginning of the month :)

Marshall Islands Majuro Mission 2014 - 2016

Iakwe Familia and friends please find attached my first of march update & also my last march update! Lol 
Whats good my good people! 
So happy to be able 2 communicate with you all this fine morning!
Hoping that this Monday flies by for all the workers lol 
Soooo work has been great here in the Marshall Islands. I officially only have 2 transfers remaining 😢 its been so long and then 2 fast for me! 
But I know that I've been tested a lot more now that its coming closer for me to finish my mission here in the Marshaaaaaallz!
So quick update: I am still working in my birth place of Long Island - for those who didn't know I got a blister the size of Austraya on my leg so we were able to get a car (winnnnnning lol) today the blister has vanished and we still have the kaavale (blessssssings haha) nah serious though the area isn't as big as my previous area (not even close) but the car helps a lot with reaching appointments near the airport etc. 
Our ward has a whole new bishopric but the new ones are amazing they are so helpful and we had ward council yesterday. They are really pushing on helping the missionaries alot so I'm super excited! 😀
We have 3 baptisms this week, Joseph, Juliet and Ilawn they are all beautiful souls. Watching their progression towards baptism has been a journey that I've enjoyed to be apart! - pictures coming next week! 
My district has grown so close together I'm actually quite sick of seeing them hahahhaha jks my Brother Bradley his son Mahanga and my son Ausage! Its beeeeeen so fun and funny having my Brisbane brother Mahanga here! He is such a crack up, he's like Salanoa's twin brother - clown for days hahaha but Mahanga is getting the language soooo fast *makare kajin majol* (10x better then me when I first got here lol) & is a great teacher ☺

And now some sad news...
This week one of my progressing investigators I caught breaking the word of wisdom......crushed me big time 😢as hard as it was for me to witness it just strengthened me more to help him!
Man I took it hard but as we know noones perfect and we all backslide one time or another in our lives! Today I plan to slap him in the face hahahaha jks we are working to help him overcome his habits jidik kon jidik
Oh I cant speak English properly anymore which is just straight wrong lmaoooooooo my soa mocks me all the time 😢😣 the struggles are real my people, they ARE REAAAAAAL!!! 
So where me and my soa live we have esi (pawpaw) trees pandanus trees and then 6 fai (banana) trees so guess who drinks poi everyday? Lol hahahha kai fai for days!! Lol
That was random just wanted to make the fai (banana) lovers jealous! I'm like professional make the green bananas turn yellow in a day! (Hidden talent orrrr??) Lmaooo 
No more dog attacks for me cause I'm a boss in a car! Lol jks no but me and my soa still walk for finding and its just easier to talk to the people when were walking!
These people are just soooo beautiful!! They are true islanders who love with everything! Which is why the work continues to move forward...
I'm so grateful I am here as a disciple of our Saviour, labourer in his vineyard, a representative of Jesus Christ. Grateful for all my experiences even the bad ones as I've been able to grow, learn and help others here and now!
This Gospel has saved my life and my hope is that I can continue to be a vessel in shining the light of Christ in the lives of these my Marshallese familia!
I love you all! Thank you for all the love and emails!! I can truly feel it and see the blessings in my life each n everyday! 
Hugging you all!
Missing and loving you all! Esp. the real princess my uso DAL! 💙
DAL <3 - Sisters for ALWAYS!!
Iakwe woj
Sister Burgess xx
@(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@
Weekly update 
Hoping this email finds you all well :) 
Apologies for the no update last week as I was only able to email for a short period of time! 
This week has been "coool coool" (my soas fav sayings) Monday gone me n my soa had FHE with our investigator Sonny. She's AMAZING we study with her every Wednesday & Friday night, she also comes to church every Sunday
We taught her about Joseph Smith n the trials he faced and likened it unto us in these the last days. Every lesson we have with her is so filled with the spirit.
And she never fails to feed us after each lesson (& it feels just like home food hahaha) man she's the BOMBS!! 
SHE HAS lttle boy named Jayjay - because we see him every week he is now laka to us n so sonny is able to go Sunday school and Relief Society because he stays with us in primary. 😆
This week was bitter sweet as alot of our brothers left on Wednesday. Was definitely sad to see them leave but exciting for them and their families! SHOUTOUTS to them HARRIS, FATU, ANGILAU, BARLOW, LASIKE, KENDALL & SIALE 🙋🙋👋
Harris, Barlow, Angilau, Lasike, Fatu

Lasike, Burgess, Fatu

Harris, Burgess

Angilau, Burgess
Siale, Kendall and Burgess

Every single missionary in Majuro was there to see them off so was able to catch up with my sisterrrrrrrs 😄
Mark, Angilau, Mototabua, Burgess and Mati-Leifi
So last Sunday Gabriel the African America came to church and my soa was able to write for him during sacrament meeting & then was given help from our elders on Sunday in priesthood classes. He told us at the end of church that for the year n half that he's been in Majuro he's never been to ANY church & this was his first. He told us he felt so good that he would be coming every Sunday!!! We LOVE HIM sooo much. I know truly that Gabriel was prepared for us 😊
Last week me & my soa did alot of service for some less actives who were less fortunate and was able to get them rice to help them throughout the weeks. I LOOOOOVE service and the peace and love we feel as we do these things, just like the blessing spoke of in Mosiah 2:17 
When we are in the service of our brothers n sisters we are in the service of God!! I hope that we can continue to serve those around us! 
Tomorrow another month sees us in MARRRRRCH! yay I remember this month last year feeling so inadequate as a missionary in the language as a junior companion. I remember I doubted myself so much. As I reflect on my time thus far I'm so grateful and thankful for all my achievements, trials, mistakes etc. in the mission field for I know without them I wouldn't be the sister missionary I am today.
Me and sister NayNay have set goals to be BETTER to be STRONGER to strive daily to become better disciples of Christ. 
We have a new Assistant to Prez working with Elder Openshaw, Elder Peeti he's awesome Maori from NZ and Elder Mahanga has finallly arrived on the mission field. We will be working in the same district (wooohooo) but because his dad Elder Bradley hasn't come in from outer island he is working in a different zone from me until this FRIDAAAY! 😆
Burgess, Mahanga
HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK! Gabriel told us that he believes this church is true and has faith in it! 😢 me & my soa were so touched! And last night we studied with Sonny about prayer. We knelt together with her family n asked her to offer the closing prayer and it was so beautiful! Me and Naynay were both surprised and excited for her progression and just at her great spirit she always has with her!! 
NO FUNNY stories this week shockingly!! so heres some pics xox
Sending all my alofagaz 2 each n everyone of you! 

Sister Burgess
Princess Purchase