Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May Update... Final Update (IAKWE FAMILIA + FRIENDS)

This will most likely be the last time I update family and friends with Sister Burgess' updates... It's been an emotional yet amazing journey so thank you family and friends for taking this journey with us and especially Sister Burgess who will soon return home and most like return to being crazy "I wanna jabb her all the time" Neon... 

Before I share her latest and last email, I want to share an experience we were privileged to have last week... As some of you may have guessed with the many RMs posting pics of them with their mission presidents while they were in Brisbane, we had the privilege of meeting Sister Burgess' mission president - President and Sister Weir.  

With the help of Sister Salanoa (Elder Salanoa's mum) detective skills, we were able to track them down at the Marriott Hotel, extend the invite to catch up (which they gladly accepted), gather together the family of currently servicing missionaries and RMs who served in both Marshall Islands and Kiribati Mission(s) which they look after...  

TL: Weirs with Lesser Family, TM: Selfie with Mission Pres and Wife, TR: Mission Pres, Sis Weir and Charleene Tiatia (recent Kiribati Mission RM), ML: Pres and Sis Weir with some of the families of the Children currently service and also those who have RWH, MR: Pres and Sis Weir with Burgess Family, BL: Pres and Sis Weir with recent RM of MIMM Heretauga Siale, BM: Pres and Sis Weir with Mahanga's, BR: Pres and Sis Weir with Salanoa Family

I had the privilege of picking them up from their hotel and listening to them express their love for Sister Burgess. We heard stories of their ongoing banter/mocking sessions with Sister Burgess and all the fun they get up too but most of all how hard she works to hasten the work. 

Some of you may remember in a previous update where Sister Burgess was cited for speeding during a funeral and needed to go to court, well President Weir commented on my amazing driving skills unlike another Sister Burgess he knows...
Image result for laughing emoji

At the end of the evening we got to hear a message from both President and Sister Weir :) 

President and Sister Weir

So that was my parting spiel... it's been a pleasure bringing these updates to you all, until the next missionary from our family leaves adios... 

In Obama's most recent words "Ali Out"

Iakwe Familia, 

Its been awhile since I did an update I am seriously sorry. This will probably be my last time emailing you all before I head home, as I will be completely anti-email my last couple of weeks. LOL I apologise but know that I am thinking of you all as I finish of my remaining weeks as a labourer in the Lords vineyard. 

These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY! for those of you who I may have not updated I am currently working back in my 10 month area of Ajeltake. It's crazy because I never in a billion years think I was coming back here. lol I thought my President was playing games when he told me where I was going next, but I am here and I am loving it - The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. 

Currently I am working with Sister Fetalaiga from NZ Otara - she's awesome. My sister Mototabua is always working in the same area as me and so I get to work with her alot being in the same area. The only one in my intake family that I have never worked around so I am sooo blessed. 

MTC Intake - Family - Mototabua, Burgess, Mark & Bradley
The last couple of weeks saying goodbye to my previous companion (my son) Sister Ausage was hard. We had a awesome 4 months together, she is now training a new sister from America Sister Nilson (my grandson lol) who is awesome too. 

Daughters Ausage, Mati and Sister Burgess

The mission is getting bigger now which is awesome to see. The work is definitely hastening here in the Islands. 

Recently my Sister has discovered my weaknesses with creepy crawlies and especially RATS. so she continues to scare me with them (My heart may not be beating by the time I make it home hahaha)

Image result for rats
Thank you GOOGLE hahaha

But I love her we bring the CRAZY out of each other which is the best way to go. LOL 

We have been doing a lot of finding in our area. Its like the complete bushes so hard to find people in this massive area. There are about 4-6 different other churches in this massive area and so its hard to try and have any solid investigators.

We have however been focusing a lot on less active members who come to church and just lift our spirits all the way up! I love seeing them on Sunday's makes the hard work we do throughout the week feeeel GREAT! and especially when you have a BOMB ward helping you out. As you may all know I have had difficulties with my Bishop of 10 months looool 

But as of late he's been pretty chill - so we working there. 

AWESOME NEWS: my brothers Elder Salanoa and Elder Mahanga both came back on island so I'm able to hang out with my Brisbane brothers before I leave 

Mahanga, Burgess, Mati

Salanoa, Burgess
SAD NEWS: they both leave me tomorrow to another area EBEYE so im sooooooooo guttered but still happy for them. Wayyy better then their previous area haha

SADDER NEWS: MY ACTUAL intake brother Elder Bradley will be transferring to an outer island (Jaluit) so me and my sisters will not get to see him before we leave...guttered 

Mototabua, Logolaca, Burgess, Bradley
Buuuut today is our last PDAY with all 3 of them so we are going to make most of it  - PICTURES COMING SOOON...... (They never came... zzz)

Last couple of days I've been going through a lot of hardships with leaders in the mission. Taken a toll on me really badly as I too am in a leadership position but lately I've been harboring reallly crazzzzzy feelingsssssss :'((((((((((((((((( Lol those dramatic ones hahaha zzz

Anyways long story short -  coming up to my finish mark in the mission I know how hard it is - knowing that ill be home just around the corner the adversary never rests and is constantly there to tempt, weaken and burden but as we continue to strengthen our Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and try our best always by being an example, we can overcome the trials we face in this life. 

I testify that these things are true and I love this Gospel. Our brother Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice that we are able to return to our Father. I testify that he lives and loves us.

Grateful for the love of each and everyone of you and the example you have all played in my life. 

Cannot wait to hug you all... I'll continue to keep you all in my prayers. 

I love you all for always 

Sister Burgess xox
Jerammon woj x

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekly Update - April

Helllur & iakwe nan aolep!

Weekly update! This last weeks gone soooo fast all the weeks lately have been so fast its crazy!
So Saturday we had our 3 baptisms in our ward. Elder Mahanga baptised all three of them & It was amazing. Our mission president and his wife President Weir n sis Weir were also in attendance as well as the families of the three along with our whole bishopric. It spirit was so strong. Usually baptisms here - the support of non member families hardly come through, to see them all in attendance as well as at church was BEAUTIFUUUUL!!

The support of our ward and our new bishopric has been amazing, more members are asking to work with us on the weekends in fellowshipping in lessons! the blessings are endless!

Last week we also had our Westside zone meeting, where our zone leaders taught, inspired and motivated us to continually be diligent in the work. It was amazing and helped me and my soa.

This week one of our zone leaders will be returning home with honour 6 months earlier due to family issues back home. Its sad to see our brother Elder Logalaca (from Fiji) leaving this week but we know our Heavenly Father has a plan for him.

Elder Logalaca in the front

Elder Logaloca came in 5 weeks before me and my intake came and he is without a doubt one of the best people I know. I remember one time when I first got here I was kamumuing about one of my soas (lol) to him, I will never forget his counsel...sister burgess she grew up differently from you, just try and show that you love her, we are islanders we love no matter what, even if they act better.... love her.

After that I told him that he was our Prophet in the mission hahaha! please keep Elder Logalaca in your prayers family n friends.

Happy APRRRRRIL! General Conference (yaaaay) is among us and i cannot wait to hear from the servants of the Lord as they continue to lead n guide us in these the last days:) aka chastised lol jokes just me this Wednesday all the missionaries in the island will be watching together at our presidents hizzzay. Lol

Other then that me and my soa are doing great! Trying our best to be better and obedient (even though I'm already obedient) hahaha marshallese people are beautiful islanders every time they see us they say rikileplep ro jen samoa - the big girls from Samoa LOL

So last night during the baptism I played the piano (haven't played since the last incident) and so afterwards they come up to me and ask if I can play on Sundays because the senior sister that plays (sis smith), plays too fast for everybody to catch-up with and sing. My mission president was there so of course I say yes (😅hahahaha) so today they put my name in the program as Sis Burguess lol nervity anyways all the songs played perfectly today until the last song that made me remember why I stopped playing in the first place hahahaha 🎹 me and that piano though enemies for days zzzz
Anyways I hope this week brings good news love and bliss all around, thinking of you all today!

Today is Elder Logas last Pday so everyone's making heavy islander food and taking it to Laura beach for him! I'll think of sending pictures because I be looking like 👤 (insert black emoji) lol

Cannot believe how fast the times gone I remember watching general conference here in this same area this time last year! Hoping that as we hearken unto our leaders that we may find answers to the questions we seek. Thinking and praying for each of you and your families...

Loving you for daaaaaayz
Sister Princess Burguess
Xx Jerammom woj

Monday, March 28, 2016

Double Update

Ok so before we get started... this is a double update received from Sister Burgess as she failed to "hit" send at the beginning of the month :)

Marshall Islands Majuro Mission 2014 - 2016

Iakwe Familia and friends please find attached my first of march update & also my last march update! Lol 
Whats good my good people! 
So happy to be able 2 communicate with you all this fine morning!
Hoping that this Monday flies by for all the workers lol 
Soooo work has been great here in the Marshall Islands. I officially only have 2 transfers remaining 😢 its been so long and then 2 fast for me! 
But I know that I've been tested a lot more now that its coming closer for me to finish my mission here in the Marshaaaaaallz!
So quick update: I am still working in my birth place of Long Island - for those who didn't know I got a blister the size of Austraya on my leg so we were able to get a car (winnnnnning lol) today the blister has vanished and we still have the kaavale (blessssssings haha) nah serious though the area isn't as big as my previous area (not even close) but the car helps a lot with reaching appointments near the airport etc. 
Our ward has a whole new bishopric but the new ones are amazing they are so helpful and we had ward council yesterday. They are really pushing on helping the missionaries alot so I'm super excited! 😀
We have 3 baptisms this week, Joseph, Juliet and Ilawn they are all beautiful souls. Watching their progression towards baptism has been a journey that I've enjoyed to be apart! - pictures coming next week! 
My district has grown so close together I'm actually quite sick of seeing them hahahhaha jks my Brother Bradley his son Mahanga and my son Ausage! Its beeeeeen so fun and funny having my Brisbane brother Mahanga here! He is such a crack up, he's like Salanoa's twin brother - clown for days hahaha but Mahanga is getting the language soooo fast *makare kajin majol* (10x better then me when I first got here lol) & is a great teacher ☺

And now some sad news...
This week one of my progressing investigators I caught breaking the word of wisdom......crushed me big time 😢as hard as it was for me to witness it just strengthened me more to help him!
Man I took it hard but as we know noones perfect and we all backslide one time or another in our lives! Today I plan to slap him in the face hahahaha jks we are working to help him overcome his habits jidik kon jidik
Oh I cant speak English properly anymore which is just straight wrong lmaoooooooo my soa mocks me all the time 😢😣 the struggles are real my people, they ARE REAAAAAAL!!! 
So where me and my soa live we have esi (pawpaw) trees pandanus trees and then 6 fai (banana) trees so guess who drinks poi everyday? Lol hahahha kai fai for days!! Lol
That was random just wanted to make the fai (banana) lovers jealous! I'm like professional make the green bananas turn yellow in a day! (Hidden talent orrrr??) Lmaooo 
No more dog attacks for me cause I'm a boss in a car! Lol jks no but me and my soa still walk for finding and its just easier to talk to the people when were walking!
These people are just soooo beautiful!! They are true islanders who love with everything! Which is why the work continues to move forward...
I'm so grateful I am here as a disciple of our Saviour, labourer in his vineyard, a representative of Jesus Christ. Grateful for all my experiences even the bad ones as I've been able to grow, learn and help others here and now!
This Gospel has saved my life and my hope is that I can continue to be a vessel in shining the light of Christ in the lives of these my Marshallese familia!
I love you all! Thank you for all the love and emails!! I can truly feel it and see the blessings in my life each n everyday! 
Hugging you all!
Missing and loving you all! Esp. the real princess my uso DAL! 💙
DAL <3 - Sisters for ALWAYS!!
Iakwe woj
Sister Burgess xx
@(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@ @(~_~)@
Weekly update 
Hoping this email finds you all well :) 
Apologies for the no update last week as I was only able to email for a short period of time! 
This week has been "coool coool" (my soas fav sayings) Monday gone me n my soa had FHE with our investigator Sonny. She's AMAZING we study with her every Wednesday & Friday night, she also comes to church every Sunday
We taught her about Joseph Smith n the trials he faced and likened it unto us in these the last days. Every lesson we have with her is so filled with the spirit.
And she never fails to feed us after each lesson (& it feels just like home food hahaha) man she's the BOMBS!! 
SHE HAS lttle boy named Jayjay - because we see him every week he is now laka to us n so sonny is able to go Sunday school and Relief Society because he stays with us in primary. 😆
This week was bitter sweet as alot of our brothers left on Wednesday. Was definitely sad to see them leave but exciting for them and their families! SHOUTOUTS to them HARRIS, FATU, ANGILAU, BARLOW, LASIKE, KENDALL & SIALE 🙋🙋👋
Harris, Barlow, Angilau, Lasike, Fatu

Lasike, Burgess, Fatu

Harris, Burgess

Angilau, Burgess
Siale, Kendall and Burgess

Every single missionary in Majuro was there to see them off so was able to catch up with my sisterrrrrrrs 😄
Mark, Angilau, Mototabua, Burgess and Mati-Leifi
So last Sunday Gabriel the African America came to church and my soa was able to write for him during sacrament meeting & then was given help from our elders on Sunday in priesthood classes. He told us at the end of church that for the year n half that he's been in Majuro he's never been to ANY church & this was his first. He told us he felt so good that he would be coming every Sunday!!! We LOVE HIM sooo much. I know truly that Gabriel was prepared for us 😊
Last week me & my soa did alot of service for some less actives who were less fortunate and was able to get them rice to help them throughout the weeks. I LOOOOOVE service and the peace and love we feel as we do these things, just like the blessing spoke of in Mosiah 2:17 
When we are in the service of our brothers n sisters we are in the service of God!! I hope that we can continue to serve those around us! 
Tomorrow another month sees us in MARRRRRCH! yay I remember this month last year feeling so inadequate as a missionary in the language as a junior companion. I remember I doubted myself so much. As I reflect on my time thus far I'm so grateful and thankful for all my achievements, trials, mistakes etc. in the mission field for I know without them I wouldn't be the sister missionary I am today.
Me and sister NayNay have set goals to be BETTER to be STRONGER to strive daily to become better disciples of Christ. 
We have a new Assistant to Prez working with Elder Openshaw, Elder Peeti he's awesome Maori from NZ and Elder Mahanga has finallly arrived on the mission field. We will be working in the same district (wooohooo) but because his dad Elder Bradley hasn't come in from outer island he is working in a different zone from me until this FRIDAAAY! 😆
Burgess, Mahanga
HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK! Gabriel told us that he believes this church is true and has faith in it! 😢 me & my soa were so touched! And last night we studied with Sonny about prayer. We knelt together with her family n asked her to offer the closing prayer and it was so beautiful! Me and Naynay were both surprised and excited for her progression and just at her great spirit she always has with her!! 
NO FUNNY stories this week shockingly!! so heres some pics xox
Sending all my alofagaz 2 each n everyone of you! 

Sister Burgess
Princess Purchase

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Update "Come Unto Me"

Hello familia how art thou? Hoping this email finds you all well and healthy 

SO THIS WEEK has been another great week with myself and sister NaeNae haha 

WE had our zone conference this past week Wednesday where we watched a missionary presentation from the apostles and leaders it was amazing and inspiring!! 

We also were able to hear the testimonies of our leaving missionaries who will be going home in a week, from our stake this includes Elder Siale & Elder Lasike 

Ilove them all and will miss them. Another recruit from the ever growing Centenary Stake should be arriving tomorrow - Elder Mahanga if I remember correctly! Exciting because I hear that my intake brother Elder Bradley will be training him (his mission dad) 

So anyone that knows Mahanga, know that he’s going to be in great hands 

Our mission is getting smaller and smaller but the work continues to move forward here 

A couple of weeks ago during one of our P days me and one of my sisters were just sitting in the library emailing our families and friends and this man comes up to us and asks us where are we from. He was African American so he asked Sis Mark if she was from African (lol) he was deaf but was able to read lips except for mines cause apparently my lips are so rude and don’t move with the words im saying (the nerve of my 

Anyway we tell him where we're from and then he starts asking if were Mormons and that he recognized our badges. I asked him if he wanted to study with us and he says yes (oh yeaaah) i then ask him where he lives so i can refer him to the appropriate missionaries in his area and then he says he lives in Batakin Long Island & i was like I LIVE IN BATAKIN (hahaha) n then as he was describing where he lives we found out we lived 3 mins from each other (winnning) lol so he went on to tell me he was only available on Saturdays as hes working every weekday. His names Gabriel 

We met him 4 weeks ago and the first Saturday we scheduled the apt me and my soa were stuck in a different area, rescheduled the next apt & he was busy, next apt he was gone again & so Saturday gone I texted him in the AM to ask if he was available and me and my comp have this Massive white board and markers to communicate with him lol

Walked to his house and started our lesson with him. He’s about 37 years old and he grew up in the Pentecost church in Nigeria. He’s got a PHD in education which is why he’s here teaching. Before we began the lesson he was telling us that he’s been here for a year and a half and he doesn’t know much about Mormon’s but would love 2 know more about it. 

He explained that he met 2 elders when he first arrived he wanted to know more about them but they left to go home, he then said he was on his way out to one of our outer islands and he flew with an elder n wanted to know more then too but he had to come back to mainland. Anyways as we continued in Gabriel was telling us that the day he came up to me and my USO Sister Mark he saw us and knew that we were Mormon’s but didn’t think anything of it but the suddenly he felt the urge to come back. He said “I had no business in the library at that time but something just kept telling me to go back and talk to you both" me and my soa were just so touched and grateful for his experience n his willingness in following the promptings of the spirit. Throughout our lesson the spirit was so strong even though it was difficult to communicate at times we all understood and felt the spirit of Love. 

Gabriel is awesome and has accepted to continue studying with us :) BLESSINGS ALL AROUND! 

This past week Elder Salanoa left our district and went back to his birthplace in Wotje, we went n said goodbye to him at 5 in the morning haha, our whole district miss him heaps

He left, Elder Siale came back to replace him as AP with Elder Openshaw before Siale goes home this Sunday! (Woohoo Centenary Stake lol

This mission is definitely going to be quiet without these crazy elders that are leaving haha 

Me and my companion are doing great! We’ve only been together 4-6 weeks but we know and understand each other’s facials without saying any words we already know hahaa shes so funny her fav saying 'you better get your life' hahaha omg & how about when we walk around we say IAKWE (HELLO) to everyone some peeps know we both Samoan n would say Talofa (now n then) & this week a Marshallese man walked passed us looked at me and said....BULA
 my soa looked at me n started laughing like crazy! I was just speechless (yes yall im a Fijian now) *nervittttty lol 

This week thoughts and memories so strong led me to thinking so much about my sister Darsha. About her Family, close friends and loved ones.

Brought my mind back to feelings and emotions we may have all been feeling last year (& continue to feel). I know everyone reading has a special place of Darsha in our hearts, I know I will for always. This week I was learning and pondering on our Saviour, Our Redeemer’s Atoning sacrifice. 

Throughout my experience as a missionary I have come to receive a greater testimony of the Atonement. 

Words of one of my favourite hymns come to mind as I constantly use the atonement in my life. 




My brothers & sisters I know it may never get easier, however I testify of Jesus Christ that he lives and loves us. He awaits us with open arms. "Come unto me" he calls unto us. 

It’s not been easy for me to be honest. But I know that my uso Darsha awaits us, with open arms as does our loving Heavenly Father! 

I love you my Lemafa Family! with all my faku.

Before I leave just want to leave with another story about me n my comp. For those who know me, yall understand that my reactions to things are quite like legit if i was in a passenger seat and your about to get into an accident, lets just say I will be the passenger that sees EVERYTHING but will react ten years later( the only things that react are my eyeballs that just go all pukana lol) 

This week gone 3 big dogs came running n barking up to us like CRAZZZZZY! I was the closest to them and just stood there as they almost ate my leg off frozen just watching them (zzz) yes yall I almost got bitten! 

When all of a sudden my comp picks up rocks and throws them then they ran away (as the owners were just standing there. Lol ruuuuuude) 

My companion was just lecturing me & telling me off for not reacting when i turned and said to her "ye of little Faith" hahahahha nah I just busted up laughing and apologized and explained my disease of slowness to react to things that may kill me hahahaha! 

Moral of the story! If somethings going to bite your leg off, don’t be like me! Hahaha 

I love this Gospel. I love my Saviour Jesus Christ, grateful for his sacrifice, love and constant care! I pray that we continue to give & receive every blessing the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ offers for each and every one of us! 

Ij Iakwe Komian Aolep Familia! 

You all continue to stay in my prayers 

All my Fatu Sister Burgess:) xox 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Testimony of the Power of Prayer (Weekly Update)

Hello and happy start of the week to my working people in Brisbane :) 

Hoping this email finds you all in good health and spirits. 

This week has been one of the funniest weekends for me! 
As you all know I'm working with my new companion from Sydney, funniest girl. Anyways at the beginning of the week we had to run so many errands for our baptisms on Saturday

We're almost at the mission office and all of a sudden these lil kids run up and start singing my son the NaeNae song. So of course I just jump straight into it (TRUST ME IM A PRO AT IT) haha 

Anyways my companion Sis Ausage was just watching me (didn't even attempt to jump in) so the kids finish the song and I tell em we're leaving now. 

As we leave the kid shouts out in marshallese 'see yous again soon'. Ausage just got here and didnt really hear her so she asks me, 'what did she say?' and I go oh she said cause you didnt NaeNae with me you hafto do it by yourself now. 

Ausage goes all red and is like finnnnnne. I jump straight into clapping my hands and sing 'now watch me whip, what me naenae'  the most fa'ali'iest NaeNae i've ever seen ANYONE do - companion attempts to do hahahaha nekminit the car behind watching her drives straight into the car in front of it...

She had caused a car accident because she did not have full spirit NaeNae with her. Everyone in the car accident was fine but I stitched laughed all the way to the mission office to tell everyone. looooool 

My companions new name is now Sister NaeNae & I will never let her forget the day her dancing distracted a driver and bumped into another car. Hahahahahaha

I loooooooooooooove my companion she is soo funny! haha

This week we had 3 Baptisms, John Jacob, Kito Ramesis and Solomon Ataia. 

Because John was under 18 years old we had to get one of his parents to sign his baptism form. I had spoken to his Father who gave me all the information for his form but when i asked him to sign he refused. Me and my companion were abit confused but he didn't tell us that he didn't want his son to get baptized he just refused to sign and told us that we needed to get his mothers signature and she lived in Town.

Me and my companion were struggling with what we should do so we decided to go ahead and find his mother. We got the directions that John gave and went, determined to locate his mother. Me and my soa walked around for what felt like awhile. I was really tired and confused. My companion looked at me and said Sister Burgess lets just stop for a second. We both paused and then she turned to me and said I think we should pray. A thought that didn't even cross my mind in my desire to locate John's mind. As soon as she said the words I felt instant peace and agreed. As I was praying for the spirit to guide our footsteps to this lady, I felt my whole body just pushing me in the left direction. As soon as we finish the prayer I tell my companion that I felt this strong sense to turn left across the road. As soon as cross I see 3 ladies sitting there. We ask them if they know where Mertina lives and they point and direct us to exactly where she lived. She was so beautiful. She was so willing to sign her sons paper and would even accept being referred to the Elders who looked after that area. 

Me and my soa felt so much love, happiness and gained a stronger testimony of prayer. 

In times of struggle, pain, suffering our thoughts and actions can pull us away and make us forget to do the most simplest of things. We know that we can only be truly guided if we but seek for help. 

I was so grateful for my companion in reminding me this. 
I TESTIFY with you all that there is POWER in prayer. 

and our Father answers all our prayers. May not always be when we want it, but he knows and sees when we need it most 

I love this Gospel. I love being a labourer in the Lords Vineyard & I know that just because we missionaries wear the badge of our Savior every day. We all wear his name in our hearts. 

Thank you for all your love and your emails, sorry if at times I'm slack with replying but you are all in my prayers and I cannot wait for the reunion. 

Thinking of you all on a daily basis and sending my alofaga's to all my Brisbaniannnnnns!!! 


jen Sister Burgess xoxoxo

Monday, January 18, 2016

First Update for 2016


Hoping this email finds you all well and healthy! sorry it's been 10 million years since I wrote an email, but the holidays out here have been crazy with Internet access and allowing me to write or send anything out to you all... just know I LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

The work here in the Majuro have been well this new year.

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEARS btw lol

Last week I said goodbye to my daughter I trained for almost 5 months Sister Mati-Leifi. We worked together in Ajeltake (my 10 month area) and then she was with me when we came together to my current area BATKAN Long Island.

Sister Burgess and Mati-Leifi (Daughter)

I never knew how much I'd miss her but we saw each other today and hugged like moolin (real) family hahaha

My current companion is also Samoan from Sydney Sister Nicole Ausage.. She amazing, shes been here 6 weeks but starting her training from day 1 and shes improving so much.

So last week I worked with my daughter and I was just going through my books and planners i had at home.

This area I'm working in is Long Island - my birth place here in the mission and so i was just going through some of my first planners to see if I'd remember some people and as I was looking through a paper fell down. On it was a Lil map of my current area (batkan) and my writing to ask one of the elders to draw a map of where 'KIMMY' lived.

(Kimmy is a 20 year old Ponepeiian girl I met my first weeks here on the mission. We were playing basketball in Long Island and I sat next to her and just started randomly talking and laughing)

On the back it said, I met kimmy who said she knows elders come to her house to study with her brother but she's so shy and would prefer to talk to sisters. This elder had then drew the map of her house to show me exactly where she lived so that I could find her. Shortly after I had found out where she lived I had received my transfer to move to ajeltake. I never visited kimmy or saw her again as ajeltake was 20 mins away.

As soon as I found the letter in my packaging - me and my companion prayed and went and tried to find her house from the lil map. Low and behold we found her house and are now studying with her!!!!! I could not get over how after almost 11+ months I still kept that letter in my planners and that i was able to find it again at the time when I needed to find it.

Kimmy remembered me (even though shes said I'm 10 x blacker then I was when she first saw me...the nerve lol) shes progressing well and even came to church on Sunday ;)


I know that things may not work out all the time and especially not in the way or the time that we want it to be but, the Lord is mindful of us and would that we should loke ilo an iien - trust in his timing.

My current companion (my son lol) is awesome though when she first got to me last Thursday all the lil kids would sing the NaeNae song and then we'd just automatically dance and do the naenae on the streets, and she thought I was crazy hahaha, but now when they sing it shes does the NaeNae with me yall HAHAHAHAHA! need to teach these kids while they young haha

We have 3-4 baptisms this week which is blessings in itself. We are also Primary teachers and Relief Society sub teachers AKA every sunday LOL oh and how about I play the Piano for the ward (its those pianos that have all the hymns all i need to do is press the buttons) anyways yesterday I was gone playing and then the piano went crazy spastic and embarrassed me to the dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys :'( almost stood up and did the NaeNae haha jokes but i'm never playing that piano again looooooooool but anyways ALL is well with me here in Majuro. I love this mission.

I love this work. I love my Savior and I'm grateful every day I get to share the word of the restored Gospel. Grateful to have each of you beautiful people in my life one song that I was asked to chorister and teach for months and months was 'HOLD TO THE ROD' holds great memories for me and I hope that as we continue to Hold to the rod it will lead us to the tree of life, our Savior Jesus Christ as we feast upon his words and endure to the end.

im ij ba aolep men kein ilo Etan Jisos Kraist amen

Sister Burgess xoxoxo