Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekly Update - April

Helllur & iakwe nan aolep!

Weekly update! This last weeks gone soooo fast all the weeks lately have been so fast its crazy!
So Saturday we had our 3 baptisms in our ward. Elder Mahanga baptised all three of them & It was amazing. Our mission president and his wife President Weir n sis Weir were also in attendance as well as the families of the three along with our whole bishopric. It spirit was so strong. Usually baptisms here - the support of non member families hardly come through, to see them all in attendance as well as at church was BEAUTIFUUUUL!!

The support of our ward and our new bishopric has been amazing, more members are asking to work with us on the weekends in fellowshipping in lessons! the blessings are endless!

Last week we also had our Westside zone meeting, where our zone leaders taught, inspired and motivated us to continually be diligent in the work. It was amazing and helped me and my soa.

This week one of our zone leaders will be returning home with honour 6 months earlier due to family issues back home. Its sad to see our brother Elder Logalaca (from Fiji) leaving this week but we know our Heavenly Father has a plan for him.

Elder Logalaca in the front

Elder Logaloca came in 5 weeks before me and my intake came and he is without a doubt one of the best people I know. I remember one time when I first got here I was kamumuing about one of my soas (lol) to him, I will never forget his counsel...sister burgess she grew up differently from you, just try and show that you love her, we are islanders we love no matter what, even if they act better.... love her.

After that I told him that he was our Prophet in the mission hahaha! please keep Elder Logalaca in your prayers family n friends.

Happy APRRRRRIL! General Conference (yaaaay) is among us and i cannot wait to hear from the servants of the Lord as they continue to lead n guide us in these the last days:) aka chastised lol jokes just me this Wednesday all the missionaries in the island will be watching together at our presidents hizzzay. Lol

Other then that me and my soa are doing great! Trying our best to be better and obedient (even though I'm already obedient) hahaha marshallese people are beautiful islanders every time they see us they say rikileplep ro jen samoa - the big girls from Samoa LOL

So last night during the baptism I played the piano (haven't played since the last incident) and so afterwards they come up to me and ask if I can play on Sundays because the senior sister that plays (sis smith), plays too fast for everybody to catch-up with and sing. My mission president was there so of course I say yes (😅hahahaha) so today they put my name in the program as Sis Burguess lol nervity anyways all the songs played perfectly today until the last song that made me remember why I stopped playing in the first place hahahaha 🎹 me and that piano though enemies for days zzzz
Anyways I hope this week brings good news love and bliss all around, thinking of you all today!

Today is Elder Logas last Pday so everyone's making heavy islander food and taking it to Laura beach for him! I'll think of sending pictures because I be looking like 👤 (insert black emoji) lol

Cannot believe how fast the times gone I remember watching general conference here in this same area this time last year! Hoping that as we hearken unto our leaders that we may find answers to the questions we seek. Thinking and praying for each of you and your families...

Loving you for daaaaaayz
Sister Princess Burguess
Xx Jerammom woj

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