Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May Update... Final Update (IAKWE FAMILIA + FRIENDS)

This will most likely be the last time I update family and friends with Sister Burgess' updates... It's been an emotional yet amazing journey so thank you family and friends for taking this journey with us and especially Sister Burgess who will soon return home and most like return to being crazy "I wanna jabb her all the time" Neon... 

Before I share her latest and last email, I want to share an experience we were privileged to have last week... As some of you may have guessed with the many RMs posting pics of them with their mission presidents while they were in Brisbane, we had the privilege of meeting Sister Burgess' mission president - President and Sister Weir.  

With the help of Sister Salanoa (Elder Salanoa's mum) detective skills, we were able to track them down at the Marriott Hotel, extend the invite to catch up (which they gladly accepted), gather together the family of currently servicing missionaries and RMs who served in both Marshall Islands and Kiribati Mission(s) which they look after...  

TL: Weirs with Lesser Family, TM: Selfie with Mission Pres and Wife, TR: Mission Pres, Sis Weir and Charleene Tiatia (recent Kiribati Mission RM), ML: Pres and Sis Weir with some of the families of the Children currently service and also those who have RWH, MR: Pres and Sis Weir with Burgess Family, BL: Pres and Sis Weir with recent RM of MIMM Heretauga Siale, BM: Pres and Sis Weir with Mahanga's, BR: Pres and Sis Weir with Salanoa Family

I had the privilege of picking them up from their hotel and listening to them express their love for Sister Burgess. We heard stories of their ongoing banter/mocking sessions with Sister Burgess and all the fun they get up too but most of all how hard she works to hasten the work. 

Some of you may remember in a previous update where Sister Burgess was cited for speeding during a funeral and needed to go to court, well President Weir commented on my amazing driving skills unlike another Sister Burgess he knows...
Image result for laughing emoji

At the end of the evening we got to hear a message from both President and Sister Weir :) 

President and Sister Weir

So that was my parting spiel... it's been a pleasure bringing these updates to you all, until the next missionary from our family leaves adios... 

In Obama's most recent words "Ali Out"

Iakwe Familia, 

Its been awhile since I did an update I am seriously sorry. This will probably be my last time emailing you all before I head home, as I will be completely anti-email my last couple of weeks. LOL I apologise but know that I am thinking of you all as I finish of my remaining weeks as a labourer in the Lords vineyard. 

These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY! for those of you who I may have not updated I am currently working back in my 10 month area of Ajeltake. It's crazy because I never in a billion years think I was coming back here. lol I thought my President was playing games when he told me where I was going next, but I am here and I am loving it - The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. 

Currently I am working with Sister Fetalaiga from NZ Otara - she's awesome. My sister Mototabua is always working in the same area as me and so I get to work with her alot being in the same area. The only one in my intake family that I have never worked around so I am sooo blessed. 

MTC Intake - Family - Mototabua, Burgess, Mark & Bradley
The last couple of weeks saying goodbye to my previous companion (my son) Sister Ausage was hard. We had a awesome 4 months together, she is now training a new sister from America Sister Nilson (my grandson lol) who is awesome too. 

Daughters Ausage, Mati and Sister Burgess

The mission is getting bigger now which is awesome to see. The work is definitely hastening here in the Islands. 

Recently my Sister has discovered my weaknesses with creepy crawlies and especially RATS. so she continues to scare me with them (My heart may not be beating by the time I make it home hahaha)

Image result for rats
Thank you GOOGLE hahaha

But I love her we bring the CRAZY out of each other which is the best way to go. LOL 

We have been doing a lot of finding in our area. Its like the complete bushes so hard to find people in this massive area. There are about 4-6 different other churches in this massive area and so its hard to try and have any solid investigators.

We have however been focusing a lot on less active members who come to church and just lift our spirits all the way up! I love seeing them on Sunday's makes the hard work we do throughout the week feeeel GREAT! and especially when you have a BOMB ward helping you out. As you may all know I have had difficulties with my Bishop of 10 months looool 

But as of late he's been pretty chill - so we working there. 

AWESOME NEWS: my brothers Elder Salanoa and Elder Mahanga both came back on island so I'm able to hang out with my Brisbane brothers before I leave 

Mahanga, Burgess, Mati

Salanoa, Burgess
SAD NEWS: they both leave me tomorrow to another area EBEYE so im sooooooooo guttered but still happy for them. Wayyy better then their previous area haha

SADDER NEWS: MY ACTUAL intake brother Elder Bradley will be transferring to an outer island (Jaluit) so me and my sisters will not get to see him before we leave...guttered 

Mototabua, Logolaca, Burgess, Bradley
Buuuut today is our last PDAY with all 3 of them so we are going to make most of it  - PICTURES COMING SOOON...... (They never came... zzz)

Last couple of days I've been going through a lot of hardships with leaders in the mission. Taken a toll on me really badly as I too am in a leadership position but lately I've been harboring reallly crazzzzzy feelingsssssss :'((((((((((((((((( Lol those dramatic ones hahaha zzz

Anyways long story short -  coming up to my finish mark in the mission I know how hard it is - knowing that ill be home just around the corner the adversary never rests and is constantly there to tempt, weaken and burden but as we continue to strengthen our Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and try our best always by being an example, we can overcome the trials we face in this life. 

I testify that these things are true and I love this Gospel. Our brother Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice that we are able to return to our Father. I testify that he lives and loves us.

Grateful for the love of each and everyone of you and the example you have all played in my life. 

Cannot wait to hug you all... I'll continue to keep you all in my prayers. 

I love you all for always 

Sister Burgess xox
Jerammon woj x

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