Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Update "Come Unto Me"

Hello familia how art thou? Hoping this email finds you all well and healthy 

SO THIS WEEK has been another great week with myself and sister NaeNae haha 

WE had our zone conference this past week Wednesday where we watched a missionary presentation from the apostles and leaders it was amazing and inspiring!! 

We also were able to hear the testimonies of our leaving missionaries who will be going home in a week, from our stake this includes Elder Siale & Elder Lasike 

Ilove them all and will miss them. Another recruit from the ever growing Centenary Stake should be arriving tomorrow - Elder Mahanga if I remember correctly! Exciting because I hear that my intake brother Elder Bradley will be training him (his mission dad) 

So anyone that knows Mahanga, know that he’s going to be in great hands 

Our mission is getting smaller and smaller but the work continues to move forward here 

A couple of weeks ago during one of our P days me and one of my sisters were just sitting in the library emailing our families and friends and this man comes up to us and asks us where are we from. He was African American so he asked Sis Mark if she was from African (lol) he was deaf but was able to read lips except for mines cause apparently my lips are so rude and don’t move with the words im saying (the nerve of my 

Anyway we tell him where we're from and then he starts asking if were Mormons and that he recognized our badges. I asked him if he wanted to study with us and he says yes (oh yeaaah) i then ask him where he lives so i can refer him to the appropriate missionaries in his area and then he says he lives in Batakin Long Island & i was like I LIVE IN BATAKIN (hahaha) n then as he was describing where he lives we found out we lived 3 mins from each other (winnning) lol so he went on to tell me he was only available on Saturdays as hes working every weekday. His names Gabriel 

We met him 4 weeks ago and the first Saturday we scheduled the apt me and my soa were stuck in a different area, rescheduled the next apt & he was busy, next apt he was gone again & so Saturday gone I texted him in the AM to ask if he was available and me and my comp have this Massive white board and markers to communicate with him lol

Walked to his house and started our lesson with him. He’s about 37 years old and he grew up in the Pentecost church in Nigeria. He’s got a PHD in education which is why he’s here teaching. Before we began the lesson he was telling us that he’s been here for a year and a half and he doesn’t know much about Mormon’s but would love 2 know more about it. 

He explained that he met 2 elders when he first arrived he wanted to know more about them but they left to go home, he then said he was on his way out to one of our outer islands and he flew with an elder n wanted to know more then too but he had to come back to mainland. Anyways as we continued in Gabriel was telling us that the day he came up to me and my USO Sister Mark he saw us and knew that we were Mormon’s but didn’t think anything of it but the suddenly he felt the urge to come back. He said “I had no business in the library at that time but something just kept telling me to go back and talk to you both" me and my soa were just so touched and grateful for his experience n his willingness in following the promptings of the spirit. Throughout our lesson the spirit was so strong even though it was difficult to communicate at times we all understood and felt the spirit of Love. 

Gabriel is awesome and has accepted to continue studying with us :) BLESSINGS ALL AROUND! 

This past week Elder Salanoa left our district and went back to his birthplace in Wotje, we went n said goodbye to him at 5 in the morning haha, our whole district miss him heaps

He left, Elder Siale came back to replace him as AP with Elder Openshaw before Siale goes home this Sunday! (Woohoo Centenary Stake lol

This mission is definitely going to be quiet without these crazy elders that are leaving haha 

Me and my companion are doing great! We’ve only been together 4-6 weeks but we know and understand each other’s facials without saying any words we already know hahaa shes so funny her fav saying 'you better get your life' hahaha omg & how about when we walk around we say IAKWE (HELLO) to everyone some peeps know we both Samoan n would say Talofa (now n then) & this week a Marshallese man walked passed us looked at me and said....BULA
 my soa looked at me n started laughing like crazy! I was just speechless (yes yall im a Fijian now) *nervittttty lol 

This week thoughts and memories so strong led me to thinking so much about my sister Darsha. About her Family, close friends and loved ones.

Brought my mind back to feelings and emotions we may have all been feeling last year (& continue to feel). I know everyone reading has a special place of Darsha in our hearts, I know I will for always. This week I was learning and pondering on our Saviour, Our Redeemer’s Atoning sacrifice. 

Throughout my experience as a missionary I have come to receive a greater testimony of the Atonement. 

Words of one of my favourite hymns come to mind as I constantly use the atonement in my life. 




My brothers & sisters I know it may never get easier, however I testify of Jesus Christ that he lives and loves us. He awaits us with open arms. "Come unto me" he calls unto us. 

It’s not been easy for me to be honest. But I know that my uso Darsha awaits us, with open arms as does our loving Heavenly Father! 

I love you my Lemafa Family! with all my faku.

Before I leave just want to leave with another story about me n my comp. For those who know me, yall understand that my reactions to things are quite like legit if i was in a passenger seat and your about to get into an accident, lets just say I will be the passenger that sees EVERYTHING but will react ten years later( the only things that react are my eyeballs that just go all pukana lol) 

This week gone 3 big dogs came running n barking up to us like CRAZZZZZY! I was the closest to them and just stood there as they almost ate my leg off frozen just watching them (zzz) yes yall I almost got bitten! 

When all of a sudden my comp picks up rocks and throws them then they ran away (as the owners were just standing there. Lol ruuuuuude) 

My companion was just lecturing me & telling me off for not reacting when i turned and said to her "ye of little Faith" hahahahha nah I just busted up laughing and apologized and explained my disease of slowness to react to things that may kill me hahahaha! 

Moral of the story! If somethings going to bite your leg off, don’t be like me! Hahaha 

I love this Gospel. I love my Saviour Jesus Christ, grateful for his sacrifice, love and constant care! I pray that we continue to give & receive every blessing the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ offers for each and every one of us! 

Ij Iakwe Komian Aolep Familia! 

You all continue to stay in my prayers 

All my Fatu Sister Burgess:) xox 

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