Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Tribute to my Sisters

Like a wound re-opening, as I was collating emails from Sister Burgess that I would share with the world wide web my heart ached and tears would not stop as I reached the month of May.  As my previous posts indicates a special soul was lost to this world while another soul mourned alone in the Marshall Islands. Although not alone as all our hearts and thoughts as was her Mission were with her at the time.

So this particular post is a tribute to their unbreakable friendship/sisterhood. 

These two have so much in common. They were only months apart in age, they did almost everything together, if one wasn't sleeping at the others house, they were out having a late night snack at Coffee Square (They would want me to tell you they were the originals of Coffee Square bahahaha) but this friendship goes way back to nappy days, well maybe Riverview Primary days all the way through to High School and continued throughout their Young Single Adults days.

Yes Darsha and Neon were in different grades, Neon being older they had their own friends from their age group but somehow always made it a point to get together and do things on their own.

Some familiar characteristics these two had...

Neon in our family is what you call "fealofai" she avoids doing any chores, when its spring cleaning weekend/weekend in general she is never home to do anything...

I know for a fact that Darsha was like this as Neon was always with Darsha during these times... #LAAAAUGHING

Neon has her own "slang" when speaking.

She thinks she is the princess of the family
She gets away with doing anything she wants
She thinks she is my dads pele

The list is endless but again these are things I know for a fact that Darsha claimed in her family...

Family Princess

Always got away with everything/anything (especially when with Neon)
Her dads Pele (no doubt)

Oh don't even get me started on the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of photos/selfies these 2 have. I have almost a whole TBHD of just their pictures...

Yeah they were not camera shy... LOL

There are so many more pictures, I just can't be bothered going through them all... LOL 

My most fondest moment and a moment I know Neon and our family will cherish is their final goodbye as Neon left for her mission. 

We love and miss your Darsha Lemafa

We love and miss you Sister N. Burgess

We look forward to our joyous reunions.

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