Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update

rom:Neon Burgess
date:Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 10:17 AM

Hoping you are all well and warm today.
Grateful yet again for this beautiful day to our loving Father in Heaven for his constant love and blessings to each of us, his children.

This week has been a good week. The weather has been crazzzzy though, Saturday night was like so bad -
the rain and lightening was so heavy & on Sunday morning and there were palm trees and coconuts/sand all over the roads.

There was even a car that hit a tree. So sad, but the people were ok & this morning they towed it away.
(pretty quick, considering it took them 2 weeks for them to move the church van that rolled - i aint judging) lol

Anyways on Wednesday after district meeting I caught the bug that's been going around here and so my soa was looking after me and I SLEPT like a dead person nekminit we find out our fridge is not working and our water pump was off.

But everwhere else in the house the power was working so we thought it was so strange.

Anyways later on me and my companion found out that our land lord had turned our water pump off which is connected to the same switch as our fridge :(

We don't know why they did it but we had no water for ages. Me and my companion were pretty angry but our zone leaders and sister training leaders helped us as they are both the closest companionship's to us on both sides.

Our leaders helped us to not be quick to anger and to have FAITH! Sometimes this is something I lack. I know most of you all know I am the biggest ulu ka'e and can just be so quick to anger. (haha)

But even though we have no idea why our land lord did what they did. We always need to remember, whatever happens to always KEEP THE FAITH!

So even though I was sick as a dog and my nose was running we continued to work hard throughout the week.
We found a couple of awesome investigators & had 2 baptisms this Saturday.

Saturday DAY we had an awesome Relief Society activity about recognisning and preventing diabetes.  Our relief society is growing so much which is AMAZING :) and so is the ward. We have ward games every Friday night and its so much fun!

This week we also had choir practice for our musical fireside and our zone leaders told us they just got told off by an old man.

They said they went to ask the land lord that the chapel is on if they could take some of the Taro's and the old man told them off and called them satan and cursed them and kicked them off the land etc.

They were sooo shocked and said it was the FIRST time anyone has ever yelled at them and called them satan 
(They only have 3-4 months left on their mission)

The Marshallese people are usually very polite and even if they don't want to study usually never say no which is why it was soooo weird when this happened. One of the Elders said he just wanted to yell back at him and say
somethings but he felt strongly, prompted by the spirit not to say anything and to just leave quietly.

He said he felt as though the old man wanted him to retaliate to prove something to him.
Then we all started talking about how some people just want to see us do bad. Prove them right about us. In this mission I can testify how hard it is to try and change people's perspectives, some don't want to study with us because of actions of previous missionaries.

It's definitely sad, but I believe that as we continue to be examples, true disciples of Christ and attain all Christ like attributes, we can change this mission.

As I prepare myself to teach my daughter next month (ahh im so nervous) I am determined to help her live these truths :D

Today on our agenda we will be doing laundry and playing games in Long Island as usual! Hopefully it doesn't rain and its not too hot lol

Hoping the weather back home is not too bad.

Thinking and praying for you all constantly!
with all my alofaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz!
ij iakwe kom
Sister Burgess xoxoxoxox

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