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Weekly Update

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This weeks might be abit short, but I will try and remember as you prolly all know my brain is jidik slow lol! 

PS I'm not at the usual computer place, we at NTA where we hafto pay so ima make this quick 

& so if i dont reply to everyone please know it's cause aint nobody got time to pay for internet LOL 
This week my companions have been sick :( 

Sister Mak sprained her ankle and then after that her body failed & then shortly after her voice and so we've been at home tryna look after her when my other comp got sick :/ my gosh so thank goodness for my 10 million panadols and my years work as a nurse (not) 

They are both well and alive.  Sister Mark was bad though, I called the Zone Leaders to come and bless her int he house as she couldn't get out of her bed. 

This week seeing the miracle & power of Priesthood BLESSING made me miss home so much! 

I remember when mum told us the story of the night she thought she had passed on & Shirley or Alice was saying she couldn't stop shaking & then dad came in and gave her a Priesthood Blessing and she calmed down and had a good nights sleep. 

I'm grateful for the Priesthood in our lives and even more for the worthy holders. 

This week I shared a training with my district on Wednesday and I thought to share with you all today. 

People usually have titles for their training but (yeah couldn't think of one) lol 
so I shared a story about George Albert Smith from the TEACHINGS OF G.A.S 

When he was about 45 - 47 years old he was struck with a sickness that held him bedridden. 

He felt as though he was on the brink of death. He said he fell into a slumber so deep that while he was dreaming he had thought he had passed on. He found himself in a lake and nobody was around. He said he continued to wonder around until he found a track in the woods. As he followed the tracks he saw someone a far way off. As he continued to draw nearer to him he recognised him as his GRANDFATHER George Albert Senior (his namesake) 

As he went to approach him his grand father said to him 'I would like to know what you have done with my name?" as he said this G.A.S jnr saw his life flash before his eyes - his accomplishments, achievements etc. 

Without hesitation he replied 

"I have done nothing with your name which you need be ashamed' 

As soon as he said these words his grandfather embraced him & he arose from his dream. 

GAS jnr goes on to say that we need to honor the names we wear...

As a missionary I wear 2 names My families name as Our Saviour's name! 

I wanted to share this story as to remind us who we represent. 
Just because you may not wear a badge doesn't mean you cannot do what I'm doing every day! 

Be a Disciple of Jesus Christ & go to work! 

I'm truly grateful for this gospel & I'm especially blessed to be where I am today. 

I know the trials I faced in life have all led me to where I stand here and now. 

I believe that whatever we go through in life our Father is mindful of us and will help us if we lean on him & follow him :) 

So as my comps were sick I started our missionary fireside! 

Alot of people wanna be in it and we start ward games this week leading up to our fireside on the 16th of August 
I'm so excited and will hopefully send you all pics of the night! 

This week as I contemplate of my birthday zzz turning old ugh ain't nobody got time for that! 

I think of my years on earth & with love and gratitude I and thankful. 

For every day that I've been blessed with beautiful people in my life to my friends, my family I LOVE YOU ALL! 

Thank you for each important role you've played a in my life. 

Hoping you are all well and that this next week brings happiness, bliss, love and more love! 



He passed his interview and we are so excited :) 

WILL defs send pics and NO im not getting transferred in this next transfer (this week) 
but ALL the elders are getting moved around zzz

anyways IJ IAKWE KOM 


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