Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update

from:Neon Burgess
date:Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 9:40 AM
subject:WEEKLY UPDATE :)

How are you all doing? 
Hoping you are all well and keeping safe! 
Today's is a beautiful day and grateful for the chance to email you all! 

THANK YOU for all your emails and constant love and prayers. 

I am definitely feeling loved and recognize the blessings in this service. 

This past week has been a awesome week! kinda amazing :) 
My recent converts The Jortak family we had FHE with them on Monday and felt the spirit so strong in their homes. 

Even though I was food poisoned (LOL YOLO) we received referrals from them and so since Monday we study with Tamara, Lafita & Lilly every day. 

They accepted the invitation to be baptized and even attended church. Golden investigators or what? 

I love them sooooo much. 

We also received a couple from the ward with referrals and have been teaching like crazy! 

This Saturday me and my new daughter/greenie/trainee will have 3 baptisms Myrtel, Donald & Alfred

I've been in this area now since April and for a while there I was always thinking why am I still here. LOL 
usually we get moved around alot so staying in one area more then 3-4 months is crazy. But seeing the change in these my brothers and sisters lives makes me understand why I am needed in this area :) 

So FINALLY after weeks and weeks of rescheduling we finally were able to do our Missionary Musical Fireside. 
2 of our sisters left yesterday morning so we were rushing around getting them all sorted to leave. 

Me and my current soa Sister Clark from Utah also had to attend 2 sacrament meetings my ward and her ward. My area is the end of the island and her's is opposite side so we did ALOT of driving yesterday. 

anyways when we came back to Ajeltake I did like 6 trips to pick up memebers, less actives and my investigators and the chapel was more fuller (is that a word? haha) then it usually is on SUNDAYS lol 

Super packed (and thats EXTREMELY rare for this small island) 
My ward mission leader conducted and we had all the missionaries in my district/zone come and sing. All the auxiliaries and it was just amazing :) It finished exactly on time and everyone enjoyed themselves 

I was soooooooooo touched from my investigators especially when they came up to me and said they really enjoyed the songs and the message. Bro my heart was like going to pop outta my chest with the support and love that every one showed. At the end of it our Stake president gathered all the missionaries together and congratulated us and asked if we could do it as a STAKE MISSIONARY MUSICAL FIRESIDE! they all looked at me and i smiled but when he left i was like heck no i ain't trying to organise a stake one! buahahah 

But i was really excited and glad he enjoyed it. 

Sunday was amazing 6 of our investigators attended church and we picked up none of them. so imagine my surprise as i'm shaking everyone's hand before sacrament and just get shocked seeing them all there. 

SERIOUSLY I just cannot express how much LOVE I have for these people. The blessings I witness every single day being out here just pushes me to continue to do the work. 

Every day is not easy but the reward is completely and truly worth every heart ache & trial that coms along with it. .

EVEN MY BISHOP loved the fireside y'all. 

For those who know a lil about our situation with Bishop know that he's a lil difficult to work with, but he came up to me last and thanked me. So I have forgiven him. Hahaha i'm kidding I love him...

I don't have any pictures to show I'm sooooooooooo sorrrrrrrrry! 

But sealing with this email my LOVE AND PRAYS with each and every one of you and your families. 

I hope this week finds you all witnessing the many blessings that are available as we continue to do good. 

with all my love from the Marshall's



PS the only time i asked my soa to drive me cause i wanted to eat in the passenger seat she almost killed me :( 

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