Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update

from:Neon Burgess
date:Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 9:42 AM
subject:WEEKLY UPDATE :)
How are you all doing this fine hot Monday morning? :) 

hehe playing i know its freezing over there .lol 

These Monday's come faster every time!  
Man I Miss you all so much :'( 

This week has been a good week:) 
We had a lesson last week Monday with a jimma (old man) who lives near our chapel, we met him finding with my comps last week, he reminds me of dad and has like 10 million grand kids who always come and listen in on listens! its sooo cute. 

Paul is doing good, we have another lesson with him tonight at 7pm teaching about Life of Jesus Christ - we love him! 

Tuesday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader - our Missionary Musical Fireside will all be confirmed by tomorrow in our meeting. Alot of people want to sing so it's going to be so fun! 

My comps were all talking about doing what we did in CWP ward with our games that we had every week and invite every one in our area so we can do more finding and invite them to our fireside - will keep yall posted on how it goes :) - i am so excited for it 

This week all our zone had a meeting with our Mission President, our zone has been lacking alot with baptisms, but we have a set a goal that we all think is attainable 2-3 baptisms per month per companionship 

So as we did weekly planning this week we had to unfortunately drop some of our investigators and we gained 5 new investigators this week! 

We have a baptism interview tomorrow - his names Rubes, he was suppose to get interview'd yesterday but he was sick... soooo yay we are so excited for him! 

We also have another investigator who's testimony is so strong her names Meta, only problem is that she has not yet divorced her husband and is now living with someone else! 

This is one of the biggest probs for ALL marshallese peeps! but we have a plan to find her husband in town and get him to sign the papers! The people we are working with now have alot of potential so things are looking good :) although it was sad to drop our 2-4 of our other investigators we know that they are eternal investigators hahaha jks 

We know that they may just need time :) 

So there's this new program for missionaries that have English as 2nd language and both of my comps are ESL 

After our language training every morning i'm also a English teacher buahahah! 
It's soooo funny cause they argue all the time, meanwhile im dyinggggggggggg of laughter with their broken English (not really arguing lol)

Alot of changes may be happening next month as a new intake of sisters will be coming in & i may be transferred out of Ajeltake, & i may be training new sisters :/ 

I think I would have to pray more for the new sister if I do. haha playing 

hmm what else happened this week. 

Ok so yesterday one of the ladies invited us to her house for afternoon lunch (koogai) and the elders (our zone leaders) said yeah just go, we're all going so we take her and we end up at a beach :/ I ASK her where shes going - she tells us that her lunch is at the beach. omg i was so embarrassed 

We tried to get out, as we felt so uncomfortable and not to mention the elders weren't there yet. So we asked her if we could leave cause we had apts and she made us quickly eat and i sped back to area. 

I saw the elders on our way and called them to repentance lol jks 
They felt sorry cause they thought it was at her house too. 

I kinda felt guilty because I had been prompted not to go but I ignored as to not be rude. 

I guess, when we feel something is not right - we need to follow our instincts. Follow the spirit and ALWAYS stand in Holy places! especially on the Sabbath. :) 

This Sunday I was taught about the importance of FAMILIES! 

Made me miss home, our Relief Society teacher read the Family Proclamation to us and we all broke it down! 

It's soooo powerful & i challenge you to all re-read it again this week apply it in your lives as daughters, mothers, siblings etc. 

Sorry i can't think of anything else that happened to me this week LOL 
But just want to share one of fav scriptures this week :) 

Ether 12:4

Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God 

Ether cried morning to night exhorting the people to believe! 
I love this WHOLE CHAPTER! 

I hope that this week brings love to each of you! 
AND especially those around you! 

I know this gospel strengthens & whatever we face if we turn to our Father he will guide us! 


Thinking and praying for you all 


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