Monday, November 16, 2015

The sisters don't really venture off to the other smaller and remote islands

Hahaha @ your email from Lucy! made me laugh and lol at the teacher yeah he's my teacher now! he's actually pretty cool, but i take it the longer IM in his vasega the longer he'll expect more of me? ughhh hahaha jokes i just hafto be diligent with my studies! language gets better and better every day 

First few days i was like ready to give up but then couple of days later we started understanding our teacher so much more! crazy huh! its just trying to form sentences to reply back to him that's the problem hahah 

Yeah I saw Sister Fuataga she was on same level as me for our residence so every night we'd talk until she left last week! We took heaps of pics but ain't nobody got time to upload em hahaha

Sister Hazel Fuataga - Seoul Korea Mission and Sister Burgess while @ MTC

Nah ill send em as soon as my computer starts work again ! 
This computer down here in laundry is killing so -hafto wait til we get back to residence and do it properly then !!! 

lol at what Lucy said about sisters going back home fatter wow 
lol well I dont care what happens I just care about the people 
Sis i cannot wait to get out there and serve! 

I know my brothers and usos are waiting 

Hey FUN news 
I get my patriarchal blessing some time this week! 

And yes you guessed it my temple recommend got sorted - everyone was jealous cause mine says my branch and stake is MTC signed by the MTC President hahah pretty cool huh??

I get to go Salt Lake Temple my 2nd last week here 
I'm so excited but the Provo Temple is like BEAUTIFUL UCE! 

Sisters Burgess and Mototabua

Defs hafto visit other temples!!! 

Can't wait to hear from you soon

My fingers hurt already 
Please send my love to mum! & dad if y9ou talk to them 
Cooool about the Seves being back home! 

Sherm told me what they did for dad and i cried! 

I LOVE that family 

Anyways email me when you can uce xoxoxo 

Sister Burgess

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