Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update - Dogs Attack

from:Neon Burgess
date:Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 10:03 AM
subject:WEEKLY UPDATE :)
Moktata Iakwe Ro Jeiu im Jatu! 


hoping to find  you all healthy, happy and safe this beautiful Monday morning :) 

Thank you for all the well wishes and the birthday LOVE! 
Cannot believe I am that age ughh I remember when I mocked Soteria when she turned 25 'hahah half way to fifty now eh?' hahaha 

*sings* look @ me now :'( hahahaha 

I am too grateful for the love that our Father has for each of us that he has blessed us all with these years. 

Too all those who mocked me about my age.....(no comment, you got me good) LOL 

My birthday was good, lol just another day - although me and my soa Mak broke the rules and stayed up til 12am 
& then I showed her the time and she said yeah and? LOL thinking she was going to wish me happy birthday hahaha. 

So i just blew my balloons and and then we started playing nekminit she was like whats the time? I replied its 12.30am! and then she goes aw ok you still have 30mins before your birthday. 

In my poor sisters defense she didnt know the day started at 12am buaha 

Anyways my birthday started off AWESOME, the weather was the bombs and we had so much fun, the Missionary Musical Fireside has been going good in preparations. the Youth have been practicing 'Come unto Christ' every night my district missionaries have been practicing 'ILL GO AND FIND YOU MY FRIEND' its been awesome 

Just hope that everything goes smoothly.
I love my ward . 

This week we had a baptism it was so beautiful - teenager, he has changed so much so that he can enter the waters of baptism. We are so proud of him and how far he has come. 

I shared Baptism talk @ his baptism, first time since I've been out lol so it was so exciting. I thought I'd be stuttering and especially cause I ain't fluent but I know the language. 

As soon as I started talking everything just flowed. I started crying just looking at Rubus. I love this gospel & the strength that I receive from it gives me the energy to continue to move the work forward. 

This week also was hilarious as we received a referral from our Ward Mission Leader. So here we are walking up to this house which has no drive way so we park our car on the road and walk down to the house nekminit we see the house is locked & out of nowhere we hear dogs barking & not just 1 but 4 haha so my soa's are like don't run don't run or they will chase you but all I hear is the barking getting louder so I sprint my life away to the car which is like 10 million miles away from my blind eyes. 

I trip on the rock while my comps are behind me and the dogs are about to kill me haha my comps run back (yeah after they tried to save their own lives) lol and pick up rocks and then the dogs ran away hahaha omg never in my life.... it was the most scariest and funniest thing i've ever experienced (other then sitting on poo) on my mission. 

My comps were mocking me because it was my fault they wanted to attack for running 
oh AND while i was running i pushed one of my soas behind me so i can run in front of her hahahaha

So im pretty sure everything that happened was all my fault. hahaha 

So now everytime we go to that house we always beep the horn to see if anyone's home and if not we just roll out LOL ain't nobody got time to be killed 

The dogs out here are soo crazzzy! my soas are so scared of them. I'm only scared of the ones that run in packs LOL!!! 

But as soon as you pick up a rock the dogs stand down LOL 

This week the work has been awesome. 
We will have 3 baptisms this week from our kids we met a couple of weeks ago 

Edmond, Selena & Jortak 
They are so cute - they learn so fast, so smart and ever since we've taught them they come to church every Sunday they are so excited to get baptized & I cannot wait to witness it. 

I love this work & love to see the change that they go through to experience, receive the blessings in this gospel, we do have a lot of investigators that have lessons for the sake of having lessons & don't progress. But we believe that even if its a 30 min lesson or even a 5 mins lesson as long as we've done our part to help them recognize us as messengers of our Father and share the message of the Restored Gospel. 

They need to exercise their faith & agency. 

I know being a member is tough in these days 'be in the world but not of the world'

But I see the blessings in standing out, not being afraid to stand alone. Don't be afraid to stand as a representative of Jesus Christ. 

This week we have zone meeting with all the missionaries in Majuro with Mission President and all the Senior Couples. My companion is going to be one of the sisters leaving at the end of the month so they'll be sharing their testimonies. Shes so nervous, reminds me of my previous comps when they had to share. 

Cant wait, I love hearing from our Mission Pres, he's the man! 

Anyway this week should be good 
Tonight we have Sisters Family Home EVENING and me and my comps are sharing the lesson - tonight we are sharing about 'love and concern for all our Fathers Children' 

I know that through this life we may come across people who are very different from us. Sometimes may even push our buttons. 

President Joseph Fielding Smith reminds us that as we continue remind ourselves of who we are, and our divine source from whence we came from, we will harbor feelings of kindness & kinship for each other that will change our views of the way we live our lives (and act towards each other) and kwalok aennemon (bring peace to the world) 

I know this too be true, especially because I used to be the biggest hater to people (don't judge me lol) 

Not a very good trait to have. But I can honestly say this gospel has changed me. 

All my life I grew up hearing it. But living it was always something hard for me to do. 

Being thrown into the work and working (living it) at it 24/7 is hard work. But everything we do as missionaries, all the blood, sweat, tears, & seeing lives change through THIS WORK has changed my life forever. 

THANK YOU all for your emails and for your constant LOVE towards me 

I am doing great over here. The work in Marshall Islands is moving along :) 

Oh I saw Elder Salanoa yesturday before he left. He is hilarious - said he will only be in Kiribati for 5 months so I guess I'll be seeing his crackup self again. 

Asked him how the heck he was able to convince our president to send him to Kiribati (because it never happens unless you become AP lol) his reply "OBEDIENCE" HAHA

Anyways I won't continue to bore until next week my brothers 

Hoping this week finds you all safe, healthy and especially warm :) 

It's filthy hot over here just thought i'd share with you all LOL 


thinking of you all daily! 

Sister Burgess xoxoxox  

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