Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekly Update

from:Neon Burgess neon.burgess@myldsmail.net
date:Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 9:53 AM

HELLO my beautiful souls! 
Hows it going out there! 

Happy this morning because it's crazzzy hot outside but i'm inside emailing in the air con baby cheeehooo! LOL 

Hoping this email finds you all well and safe! 

THIS week gone has been busy week for me and my daughter! 
We were working in 2 areas for 2 days while we waited the arrival of our new sister training leader 
She's Samoan from NZ and she's pretty kick back! 

The work in both those areas is tough but I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with these sisters! 

The Spirit is TOO STRONG when we are all around each other and teaching together! 

I cannot even express enough THE LOVEEEE and happiness I feel 24/7 being out here! 

I know this joy is truly through this gospel. Through the love of our Father and through the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. 

We didn't have any baptisms but we have 2 this week which is amazing, preparing for our baptisms are always are struggle because our area is so massive and so we are driving back and forth from the opposite sides of the islands and getting things done. At the end of the day it is ALL WORTH IT! 

Just as our Saviour promises us, it may not be a easy road but he promises its WORTH IT! 

I can testify to the truthfulness of these things. 

There are soo many temptations and trials that these people face. The islands is definitely hard to live especially here in Majuro. 

I enjoy watching how this gospel helps, heals, nourishes, and provides them with constant and never failing love of Christ and his healing powers through his infinite atonement. 

Truly blessed to be hastening the work here in this vineyard. 

I hope and pray that even though at times we may be lost sheep, that we ALWAYS REMEMBER 'HE IS THERE' 

He will help us 
He will guide 
He will strengthen us 
If we but ask him!   

Ij jela ke men kein eaurok tata! 
ilukkun iakwe komi im elaptat Anij im Jisos Kraist 

In otherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr news! 

You will all be happy to hear I will be moving out of my 8 month area in December HAHAHA! 
I know I still have to continue to move the work in ajeltake 
I'm so excited to be moving to another. 

I may also be training another daughter and corrupting her so pray for her yall! JKS LOL 

Seriously miss you all and thankful i have such beautiful family and friends! 



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