Monday, November 16, 2015

JAN 3 2015 (MTC PDAY)


Thank you for your emails omg so today is my P day finally been able to email everyone. I cant upload my photos cause the computers over here are playing up but I will get them to you as soon as its working! MTC is pretty cool but I miss home so much! i've learnt so much since the time that i have arrived but one thing I know for sure is that this is the only true church and that Joseph Smith restored the gospel in this dispensation!

Arriving and checking in to MTC (Thanks to cuz Joyce and family (Utai Family) to picking her up, feeding her, providing a night stay etc before drop off)

Not going to email you my testimony lol but know I love you guys so much! missing home but I'll survive! lol 
so I am in my zone classroom of 4 people all going to marshall islands and my district is all the south pacific islanders samoa tonga marshall kiribus and fiji! so its pretty cool. apparently its the only diverse district in the whole of MTC so yayy we special hahaha! my president's name is Prez Willes and he's sooo awesome him and his wife!! 

We had a meeting lastnight and I was assigned Senior companion over the 3 sisters that are with me Sister Motombua and Sister Mak! we bunk together and class together until my companion Sister Kinga arrives from Vanuatu other then that MTC has been amazing! 

Sisters Mototabua from Fiji and Sister Burgess

Sisters Mak and Burgess

The only thing I wish is that I could go out on the field already! 
language is so hard but i've been praying and it gets easier and easier lol 
we teach our first investigator tomorrow so we have to prepare todo it all in Marshallese! going to be tricky but we'll get there! Remember all those prepare to serve vids on youtube? well that islander looking guy that teaches about Marshall Islands is going to be our investigator and our teacher for the advanced classes! lol so im soo nervous but I know through the spirit we will teach and he will learn by it as well! 

I miss mum and dad so much please give them a hug and kiss from me! 
mum wrote me a message on the green book and i cried when i read it hahahah! such a sooky! 

Missing you all everyday and write to me when you can ! 
OMG can you pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase send my love to gesa and peter for their new arrival! pretty sure they named him peter junior lol so kisses and hugs for baby 2! 

Love you heaps sis 
Send my love to every one! even my baby snooki missing you all very much 

iakwe iakwe 

Sister Burgess

PS. Please send my love to the Utai's and tell them I said THANK YOU! 

Joyce gave me her email addy but I left it in my room which is all the way on the other side of MTC 
as well as everyone else email can only reply to those who have already emailed me so keep them dear elder letters coming cause i like getting the letters HAHAHAHA! 

Will send more pics later xoxo 

Here's a pic I took of the Utai's before I left

LOL at wade on the ground he just had surgery so he was goneskiiiiiz hahaha

Utai Family - Joyce, Manu, Kira and Wade

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