Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekly Update 23/11/2015

How are you all my BEAUTIFUL SOULS! 

SORRY wasn't able to email you all last week, it was a public holiday here in Majuro. They were voting for Mayor and all these other things. 

All the missionaries didnt know what to do so we were ka'aing on the small roads of this island. 

So last week when I told you all I would be getting transferred, we found out that all the other sisters will be moving except me and my daughter hahahaha! 

AJELTAKE for life! lol 
Its so funny every single person in this mission mocks me about being in this area for as long as i have - even my president (oh no he didn't) - yes yall he did buahaha! 
salgood though I love my area. 
We have so many less actives we are working on though. And on Sunday about 7-8 of them came to church which was sooooooooooooo beautiful to witness. 

We also had 3 baptisms on Saturday Bethelyn, Alshow & Cindy! They all received the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesturday & they were sooo beautiful yesturday at church!!!! 

I love the recent converts. They strengthen me so much! 

Sad news though 

Yesterday a tragic event happened 
As my daughter (my companion) drove the car with Sis Moto's companion 
She had no idea that she sat and destroyed my last pair of glasses ;'( 

Yes I am officially blind now, and most likely will remain a passenger seat driver for the rest of my mission! 


The work is amazing, we had Zone Conference with our Mish President our AP's and the lil missionaries we have here in Majuro. 

It's so tiny now and we have more missionaries going home next week. 

Next month will officially be my 1 year mark here. 
I cannot believe how fast its gone. I remember too well my farewell and my 1st day in MTC. I remember having soooo many doubts and my first couple of weeks working with my mission mum. I remember thinking how I will NEVER get this language and how I though I'd never understand them when they speak

The journey has been so hard, frustrating, challenging and has pushed me sooooo much! yes even more then you ALICE! hahaha 

But I know that through it all I was able to end up where I am today! 
to be the person I am today - the Missionary & Disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Last night me and my companion visited with one of our investigators Nano. Shes AMAZING! 
we studied with her neighbours and after they were baptised SHE asked them if we could teach with her. 

She was SO SO shy, literally would only shake her head up and down. 
we've been studying with her for about 2 months now, and every single day she's opened up jidik kon jidik 
NOW shes sooo pookarar - big mouth LOL but last night she told us that she's been praying for her baptism date the 26th of December kept coming to her mind. She told us that that's the day she wants to get baptized!!! 

We were so over the moon, after she told us she kept saying that her heart was beating so fast and that she's really nervous! 

She's amazing. I loved seeing her journey and how she's progressed from when we first met her until now. 

I will be sure to keep you guys updated on her and some pics of her baptism! 

Nano also has a nephew Ethan OMG he is sooo beautiful! we're not allowed to hold babies or play with them but omg he always runs up to me and hugs my leg HAHAHAHA! 
i got pics of him so i'll try send some pics!! 

I wish I could explain it properly but my english is sooo jorrann (broken) 

The love I have for these people is endless! 
Though I struggle at times, I know that I can lean on our Savior. 

This is HIS work! 
ilukkun iakwe komian!! 

Thank you for all your love and support FAMILIA & FRIENDS! 

Honestly cannot believe its almost time up for me, but I know that these next couple of months I will be working hard until my last day.
Sorry this is really short! sending all my alofoaga to each and everyone of youz!!! 


Sister Burgess 

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