Monday, November 16, 2015

Meeting new people, being receptive to the spirit...

GOOD MORNING MY SISTER! how are you? hows everyone ! i love your email made me teary and wow to your song that is beautiful!!! make a list of good songs so that I can make sure Ill listen to em all when i get back! and ahhhh! to mums birthday surprise are you serious? what are the plans? and yeah id love to do a video but how about my video feature on my camera doesn't even work. tried recording the haka the boys do for everyone's farewell in our district but fail fail fail i don't know how to work it! i hate this camera lol but its better then nothing lol 

MTC is going good uce! i was sooo homesick my first week lol didn't wanna say anything cause then id prolly cry my eyebolos out but I love my district everyone is so awesome! funny thing is heaps of people have left like our Fijian class has gone its just Samoa Marshall Tonga and the other Fiki class out of everyone in our district we are the LAST ones to leave so we'll pretty much be hugging each other (the four of us haha) and then catch the same flight together to the mother land HAHAHA! 10th of February i'm counting it down big time! lol 

We just got back from the temple this morning woke up at 5am got ready for a 6am session got there and they told us they dont start until 7.40am hahaha i was like omgawsh so we just waited for ages! we were the first ones there and the last ones to enter the room haha thats how it always happens especially always trying to stay together with your companions 24/7!  

Man I met the coolest Samoan girls in our residence I chill with them all the time 
(at night its the only time we can hang lol) 

But one of them is from NZ sis Matamata who is from NZ shes besties with Vili Malaitai's sister Lafo, I asked her if she knew Sharon (cause shes going Korea and from NZ, I remember when Sharon put something up about her friends call) and it was her we were gone talking... her companion is Samoan too going to Korea.  I forgot her name but we call her Sis E'e for short. Shes from Sydney knows the Burgess's down there lol and then the other Samoan is from Utah and is best friends with Kira who's Joyce's daughter lol 

So they were all talking like man your connected to all of us through someone else HAHAHAHA 
we were up all night last night cracking jokes felt good to hang with the fob girls man and they so kick back! 
my companions are still the same sister Mototabua and sis Mak 

I haven't got my package yet i told my sisters im getting something so i cant wait HAHAH! 
ill be sure to take pics don't even worry! 

I cut my hair short, so you might see me next looking like my companion with short hair hahaha

I asked her why she cut her hair and she said she got mental at her mum and cut her hair 

I said why would you do that and she goes cause she cant fight her mum so when she cuts her hair her mum gets angry and she yells at her saying its her hair she cant do anything about it hahahahahahahahah

(shes a freshy too) 
so when she was telling me her story i was goneeee laughing and she was just looking at me like wth hahahahaha! 

They make me laugh 
Food here is sooooooooo Zzzzzz! 

The Provo Temple is sooo beautiful has 3 levels and in the bottom level is a cafeteria omg we went there this morning and it was divine! 

Our last week here all the internationals will be allowed to go salt lake city! 
I cannot wait sis! 

Everyone always says its the best experience ever!! 

I can only wait! 

3 and half weeks left for us here so its sooo excitinggg

Language study has been hard but gets easier every day we teach every day doing role plays - tomorrow (sat) we will be teaching someone from Marshall Islands via video (actual investigator) so im quite nervous but i'm excited at the same time! 

I havn't been to class in like 3 days cause my companion has been sick but today she woke and she was fine so took her to the temple man I feel like I have missed heaps of days lol but I didn't mind sleeping in the residence that whole time HAHAHAH! 

jokes jokes! 

I miss you guys! i always try and make sure i dream about yous but my gammin thoughts be drifting else where! 

Although MTC can be Zz I cannot deny the spirit that is here! 

I know that with everything I do I cannot do it without the spirit with me! 
biggest things ive learnt out here is that i must not TEACH LESSONS! but people! 

Sis I wasn't laughing at your email! 
I loved it! 

And i love you and appreciate you for everything that you continue to do for our family! 
I know that we give you the biggest head ache 99.9% of the time but its cause we love you DEEP DEEEP DEEEEEP DOWN hahaha lol jks SERIOUSLY though!! 

As for your awkward conversation with bishop! 
I think you should take heed of your counsel. 
I know he's only saying it cause he loves you and wants you to be happy! 

One of the biggest things I've learnt out here is that families are essential to our heavenly fathers plan! 
I know that your going to be a great wife and mother one day uso but you need to put yourself out there!!! 

Not in desperate way or anything BUT be open to what Heavenly Father has in store for you! 

I love you sister and just want you to be happy!! - no pressure! 

YAY to being released from primary how about when i read your letter i even had relief FOR you haha 

I know you love those kids but gives you back alot of your time and effort (which you can now put into finding your EC) ;) ;)  anyways i'm on here for a lil bit so email me when you can! 

PS. Thanks for all your letters i know its hard trying to write me sometimes but its always appreciated i love hearing what you guys get up to every day xoxoxo



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