Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekly Update - Feed My Sheep

from:Neon Burgess neon.burgess@myldsmail.net
date:Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 9:33 AM

Moktata Iakwe ro Jeiu im Jatu 

Apologies for the latest update, and apologies again if my english is totally wrong. 

I have the biggest broken english now its not even funny! Lol 

Hello my beautiful familia and friends! 
Hoping you are all well and keeping safe! 
I am missing each and everyone of you daily! 

My past week has been amazing and I thought to share a little bit on what happened. 

So as me and my companion were working in our area towards the end of the village (lo woja) we met this asian looking guy. We didn't think much of him and just continued on to our lesson. 

As we continued on NOTICED that this guy was following us, felt a lil creeped out so we turned around and started talking to him. turned out he's full Marshallese and he was a member baptized in 2012 but backslided 3 months after he was converted and has been lost ever since.

He asked if we could help him, re-teach him lessons and help him. 
What struck me the most was as we were talking to him he said he goes to school gets good grades comes home but just feels EMPTY! After our first lesson with him last week Tuesday he was crying saying he feels something so strong and he missed it. 

We told him he was feeling the power of the Holy Ghost and that he can have that feeling with him ALWAYS if he continues on the right path. Since Tuesday we've studied with him everyday, and yesterday I shared a lesson with him about 'Feed my Sheep' and shared a few scriptures with him. Afterwards he was said he wanted to sit down and focus on helping strengthening the less active YSA. 

Ramos is such a beautiful soul and just reminded me of myself. I remember going to church. Being there but NOT BEING THERE. 

His story reminded me of what helped me come back to church and it was a huge part of our missionaries at the time as well as my ward. 

I know that sometimes we may falter and backslide a little. But as we develop strong testimonies n hold steady to the iron rod we will be able to endure the trials of this life.

Ramos ended up coming to church by himself and is fully immersing himself back in and also wants to serve a mission one day :'( 

Additional - This past week we were also able to witness our seven beautiful souls (Wina, Naatali, Lee, Lafita, Helly, Nixon, Monyij) enter the waters of baptism and yesterday they all received The Gift of the Holy Ghost. 

To witness the blessing of them receiving the words of the Restored Gospel, praying about, exercising their faith to repentance through to baptism and the Holy Ghost is the BEST feeling in the world! 

Being an instrument in the Lords hands is the greatest work of all! 

I am truly grateful for my trials, my highs my lows, and everything else that comes with being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Being a Missionary. 

For if I did not experience the bad I wouldn't truly feel and comprehend the beauty n LOVE it feels when you accomplish the things I needed to. 

My beautiful sister Lala reminded recently of an experience I had in May and of my current AP Elder Openshaw. 

He lost his parents n his younger sister in a plane accident. After hearing continued his work in this mission. 

So strong was his Faith that even through trials it did not falter his willingness to 'GO AND DO THE WORK' 

I know that though we long to be with our loved ones ALOT (lol) 

This is where the Lord has called us & this is where we are needed. Trusting in the lords timing is something that I have come to accept and understand! 

So Transfers are this week and I am still in Ajeltake my 8th month here so its been pretty crazy hehe. I was thinking I was going to move but I guess the people of Ajeltake need me. My daughter's language is coming along great... 

SHE MUST have the best teacher in the world (thanks lol) 

It's crazy to think this month last year was the month I received my call. I'm grateful for the time that I've had to continue to do the work of the Lord. 

Grateful for you all my beautiful familia and friends 

Hoping you all got a chance to watch/hear or read general conference. We haven't received it yet here but I'm sure that we can all grow and apply the teachings of our Leaders in our lives. 

Thank you for all your examples to me and I LOVE EACH OF YOU with all my heart 

Ij iakwe komian 
im Anij Ippamian! 

jen Sister Burgess xoxooxo 

PS i have been a law abiding citizen with my car no fines or nothing! Thank you for praying for me HAHAHAHA

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