Monday, January 18, 2016

First Update for 2016


Hoping this email finds you all well and healthy! sorry it's been 10 million years since I wrote an email, but the holidays out here have been crazy with Internet access and allowing me to write or send anything out to you all... just know I LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

The work here in the Majuro have been well this new year.

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEARS btw lol

Last week I said goodbye to my daughter I trained for almost 5 months Sister Mati-Leifi. We worked together in Ajeltake (my 10 month area) and then she was with me when we came together to my current area BATKAN Long Island.

Sister Burgess and Mati-Leifi (Daughter)

I never knew how much I'd miss her but we saw each other today and hugged like moolin (real) family hahaha

My current companion is also Samoan from Sydney Sister Nicole Ausage.. She amazing, shes been here 6 weeks but starting her training from day 1 and shes improving so much.

So last week I worked with my daughter and I was just going through my books and planners i had at home.

This area I'm working in is Long Island - my birth place here in the mission and so i was just going through some of my first planners to see if I'd remember some people and as I was looking through a paper fell down. On it was a Lil map of my current area (batkan) and my writing to ask one of the elders to draw a map of where 'KIMMY' lived.

(Kimmy is a 20 year old Ponepeiian girl I met my first weeks here on the mission. We were playing basketball in Long Island and I sat next to her and just started randomly talking and laughing)

On the back it said, I met kimmy who said she knows elders come to her house to study with her brother but she's so shy and would prefer to talk to sisters. This elder had then drew the map of her house to show me exactly where she lived so that I could find her. Shortly after I had found out where she lived I had received my transfer to move to ajeltake. I never visited kimmy or saw her again as ajeltake was 20 mins away.

As soon as I found the letter in my packaging - me and my companion prayed and went and tried to find her house from the lil map. Low and behold we found her house and are now studying with her!!!!! I could not get over how after almost 11+ months I still kept that letter in my planners and that i was able to find it again at the time when I needed to find it.

Kimmy remembered me (even though shes said I'm 10 x blacker then I was when she first saw me...the nerve lol) shes progressing well and even came to church on Sunday ;)


I know that things may not work out all the time and especially not in the way or the time that we want it to be but, the Lord is mindful of us and would that we should loke ilo an iien - trust in his timing.

My current companion (my son lol) is awesome though when she first got to me last Thursday all the lil kids would sing the NaeNae song and then we'd just automatically dance and do the naenae on the streets, and she thought I was crazy hahaha, but now when they sing it shes does the NaeNae with me yall HAHAHAHAHA! need to teach these kids while they young haha

We have 3-4 baptisms this week which is blessings in itself. We are also Primary teachers and Relief Society sub teachers AKA every sunday LOL oh and how about I play the Piano for the ward (its those pianos that have all the hymns all i need to do is press the buttons) anyways yesterday I was gone playing and then the piano went crazy spastic and embarrassed me to the dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys :'( almost stood up and did the NaeNae haha jokes but i'm never playing that piano again looooooooool but anyways ALL is well with me here in Majuro. I love this mission.

I love this work. I love my Savior and I'm grateful every day I get to share the word of the restored Gospel. Grateful to have each of you beautiful people in my life one song that I was asked to chorister and teach for months and months was 'HOLD TO THE ROD' holds great memories for me and I hope that as we continue to Hold to the rod it will lead us to the tree of life, our Savior Jesus Christ as we feast upon his words and endure to the end.

im ij ba aolep men kein ilo Etan Jisos Kraist amen

Sister Burgess xoxoxo

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